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    Dispatch Service in Lagos | Hitches, Solutions | Valuehandlers
    Updated On: 02 Mar 2021 | 1,077 Views

    Dispatch Service in Lagos | Hitches, Solutions | Valuehandlers

    Dispatch Service in Lagos | Hitches, Solutions | Valuehandlers

    The dispatch service market grew exponentially at the beginning of the pandemic. The essence of dispatch service has become undeniable most especially in an environment where social distance is encouraged – it is a service that helps to facilitate basic needs for daily activities through logistics.

    Dispatch service takes care of delivery service from one destination point to another either by an in-house rider or hirer rider. The dispatch service process begins when you place an order for a rider and moves to picking up the package and finally, the delivery of the package at the recipient address.

    A dispatch rider is someone who is responsible for the picking up of packages goods, items etc. from a designated location and delivering to a stated receiver with a dispatch motorcycle.

    Attributes Of Dispatch Rider

    Every job has its culture and modus operandi for acceptable service delivery. The most important attributes for a dispatch rider are:

    1. Safety Consciousness: A dispatch rider needs to prioritize safety at all times while on the move as there is always a high risk of accidents on the road daily. This ensures his safety and as well guarantees the safety of packages in his possession to ensure safe delivery. 

    2. Communication Skills: Communication is a basic human skill. A dispatch rider is required to relate directly to a client at a point in the supply chain, therefore, every company must ensure that their dispatch riders hone their communication skills through training to ensure effective communication to the customers and increase the customer experience level.

    3. Integrity: This is one of our values here at Valuehandlers International. We recognize this as a key attribute a dispatch rider should possess to build trust with the customers of the company. This will eliminate the problem of missing packages, altered packages, etc.

    Hitches In Lagos Dispatch Service

    There was a popular trend on social media a couple of months back; “Fear who no fear dispatch riders”. This trend was fueled by stories from companies and individuals of their ordeals with dispatch riders in Lagos. Some of the most popular issues that came up were:

    1. Pick And Run: This is basically theft, a dispatch rider will pick up a package for delivery and never actually deliver it. It may come in the form of partial theft, where the dispatch rider takes what he wants from the package and delivers the rest.

    2. Wrong Delivery: A rider carelessly delivers a package to the wrong address or wrong individual. This can result from a lack of patience. For example, a rider is unable to reach the consignee via phone and to save time, he drops it off with anyone in the area.

    3. “Grease My Palm” Syndrome: Many dispatch riders sometimes demand some extra cash from customers even after payment has been made as a form of bribe and this often puts customers off. This is why a lot of dispatch companies advise payment to the company and do not accept cash through the dispatch riders.

    4. Lack Of Insurance: For every company offering dispatch service, it is important to ensure the motorcycles and riders are covered by insurance. This will mitigate any case of loss or damage to the vehicles and the packages being carried.

    Dispatch Service At Valuehandlers

    We have a good understanding of the challenges presented to our customers, their fear as far as dispatch service is concerned. We have created a seamless process for the delivery of packages through dispatch. We assure you of a high level of professionalism with our riders as they have passed through various training sessions to be able to deliver customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience.

    To place an order for dispatch services at the best rates within Lagos call: 07030808491. For more details, send a mail to info@valuehandlers.com

    Visit www.valuehandlers.com for more.

    12, Joseph Odunlami Street, Off Thomas Salako Street, Ogba Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos