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    Packages Delivery in Nigeria- Safety Measures When Using Road Freight
    Updated On: 18 Mar 2021 | 443 Views

    Packages Delivery in Nigeria- Safety Measures When Using Road Freight

    Packages Delivery in Nigeria- Safety Measures When Using Road Freight

    Packages Delivery in Nigeria- Safety Measures When Using Road Freight / Trucking  

    Road transportation is typically the most widely used means of transportation in Nigeria by pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, and other vehicle users. Unlike air, sea, and railway that is less used and is limited to certain passengers. 

    Since road transportation accommodates varieties of users, it is therefore very pertinent for every user to bear in mind all safety tips to simultaneously use these land routes with other users handling a variety of land vehicles such as bikes, cars, buses, truck, tankers and lorries, etc. and this will reduce risk of road accidents.

    As a truck driver, you must be highly cautious about safety of these three major things; your life and that of other road users, your customers’ goods, items, shipments in your care while in transits and your company facilities. 

    To prevent the risk of road accidents, the following must be a daily commitment to all it may concern as labelled;

    Truck Driver Precautions

    As a truck driver, you are expected to be disciplined in the following areas to avoid many accidents and injuries that are preventable;

    General Safety Precautions

    Be responsible:

    • Wear your seatbelt

    • Avoid drugs and alcohol

    • Avoid distractions; avoid using your cell phone while driving

    • Be aware of speed limits in different areas

    • Plan your trip; rest appropriately before your trip

    • Drive safely; slow down for turns/curves

    • Maintain a proper stopping distance

    Customer’s Precautions

    To make your local delivery safer, consignees who are looking for a logistics partner for the delivery of their goods are advised to embrace the following policies;

    • Engage professional and reliable logistics partners

    • Subscribe for the most appropriate trucking option for the weight and size of your cargo and shipments

    • Always opt for insurance for your goods (Marine Insurance for International shipments OR Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance policy to cover risk in case of eventuality.

    Logistics Company Safety Precautions

    Every logistics, freight and trucking partner must discharge their best in the identified areas below to ensure the safe delivery of their customers’ goods at all times.

    • Ensure proper fleet management; to guarantee that all vehicles are in the best condition before undertaking any journey.

    • Be cautious of reports of reckless driving and take appropriate actions.

    • Vehicle tracking; is often overlooked but is actually very essential in the management of transportation vehicles. 

    • Insurance for all vehicles is essential before any journey. This will provide a cushion effect in any case of loss or damage. 

    Valuehandlers International is not only responsive to customers, we are equally responsive to obligations and cautions. We are always on top gear on our expectations as a logistics partner and also influence our customer to optimize delivery experience and satisfaction.

    Looking for the best logistics partner for your full truckloads and less than truckloads? Valuehandlers is a dial away. Call: 07030808491 or send a mail to info@valuehandlers.com. you can also take a look at our website: www.valuehandlers.com


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