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Importation to and from Nigeria

We offer freight Importation and delivery service by Air or Sea from Eighty countries. For those in need of freight Import services, Valuehandlers import Packages, Item, Equipment, Machines, Raw materials, Dangerous goods, Personal effects, trucks and Cars to Nigeria from Germany, UK, India, US, America, Spain, France, Poland, China, Singapore, Italy, Dubai, UAE .


VHI Cargo offers quick and fast delivery for merchandise goods within three days. VHI Cargo services also cover Truck importation to Nigeria,  Lcl and groupage importation to Nigeria, plus our professional FCL import to Nigeria. For custom clearing in Nigeria Airport and Sea port, VHI Cargo is the best Freight forwarder in Nigeria.


VHI Cargo represents major players in need of freight transportation to and from Nigeria. 

Sign-up today to employ experience and reliable freight service company, offering cheapest ways of importing goods to Nigeria. We handle cargo from over Eight countries- Request for Quote

Ocean Freight Import to Nigeria / Importation to Nigeria

We move your cargo from any part of the world to Nigeria. We are specialists in full container load (FCL) and less than container (LCL) Importation to Nigeria. 


For Sea Freight service- we are Nigeria No 1 international freight forwarders providing you with instant cost of importing containers to Nigeria. No doubt we are able to offer cost-effective, time saving goods importation to Nigerian merchandise, manufacturers, contractors, and industries looking at Asia, North America, and U.K for reliable freight forwarder to import and deliver containers, production machinery,Sanitizers, over-sized equipment,and tractors to Nigeria. Get instant Quote when you sign-up

Car Importation from USA to Nigeria / Get Quote for cost of importing car from USA, Europe and Dubai to Nigeria 

For Car import service to Nigeria- We handle car importation from US and Europe. Read on Auto import Services to Nigeria and get instant quote  Here

Dangerous Goods / Hazmat

Dangerous goods importation to Nigeria is subject to national and International regulation. Such cargo must be properly declared and clearly identified as containing dangerous goods. We are experts in dangerous and Hazmat goods import to Nigeria. 


Dangerous goods include article and substances which are flammable, corrosive when wet, oxidizing, explosive, radioactive, infectious, compressed Gases, dangerous when wet, spontaneously, combustible, self-reactive, organic peroxides and other regulated materials.


Read comprehensive details on Classes 1 - 9, sub-divisions, regulations and types of dangerous goods that can be imported / or transported into Nigeria Here For your dangerous goods shipping to Nigeria, contact us on +2348032241768 to guide you through documentation and safety requirements.

Air Freight to Nigeria / Air Cargo to Nigeria - How to import from China, USA, UK, Dubai & all our other Locations to Nigeria

Importation to Nigeria- Air freight service is the fastest way to send goods to Nigeria- Air freight can handle and deliver most sizes of packages from and to Nigeria in two to three days.


For how to import goods from China, USA, UK, Dubai and all other locations, we offer most flexible air import solution to cover cost of goods importation to Nigeria, Freight, clearing and delivery at most affordable rates.


For Machinery, commercial cargo, merchandise goods, and Dangerous goods, our Air Cargo service handles Direct & Quick shipment delivery to Nigeria.


Roro importation to Nigeria (Apapa / Tincan Sea Ports)

For roro import- offers professional import techniques from all our locations to Nigeria. With combined efforts of world known shipping liners, we deliver all sizes of equipment, Trucks, Cars, Heavy duty machines from US, China, France, Germany, UK and World over to Nigeria sea ports Read More and get instant quote

Cargo Consolidation to Nigeria - Cheapest way to send goods, parcel, Item, Household goods to Nigeria-  Air Cargo import to Nigeria, Importing by Ocean Freight

Air Cargo Consolidation to Nigeria allows Business owners and individuals to send goods to Nigeria using our Air Freight service that also offer lowest Air import cost to Nigeria. What is cargo consolidation? Cargo consolidation is a process whereby our overseas office collect packages or items from more than one customers, consolidate items / packages to one or more large shipments, and ship to Nigeria to reduce entire cost of importing for our customers. As to how many days does it take cargo to get to nigeria? In USA for example, we ship out every week and transit time to Nigeria is 7-10 days. USA shipping cost to Nigeria is $3..5 per lb.  This service is presently active in USA to Nigeria, China to Nigeria, United Kingdom to Nigeria. Need low freight rate for your items to Nigeria- use our Cheapest, most reliable cargo consolidation service to send items to Nigeria today. Click here to gain access to our shipping quote request for 40 countries

LCL Importation to Nigeria / Cargo Groupage to Nigeria 

LCL IMPORT TO NIGERIA-  For your question on freight rate to Nigeria on goods that are not big enough for Full container load from China to Nigeria, USA to Nigeria or Europe to Nigeria, we offer cheapest Air / Sea freight options on small item, all sizes of packages, equipment and all general goods. Our Sea freight option for Less than container load (LCL) shipping to Nigeria will answer your question on how to import cargo to Nigeria.


Cost of importing goods from China, USA, India, Europe and Dubai is reduced when you use our cargo groupage importing to Nigeria. With our groupage service to Nigeria, cost of importing 1cbm (one CBM) is as low as $150 (one fifty US dollars) and there is no restriction as to the number of CBM we can ship from and to Nigeria. LCL shipping service is for you if you dont have enough goods for a full container. We will help you add your goods to the goods of our other customer(s) and reduce your cost of importing products to Nigeria.

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