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    Air Cargo Consolidation from UK to Nigeria (Freight shipping & Customs Clearing Covered)

    UK Shipping Address, Cheapest Air Cargo rate and Simple Procedure

    Our all in rate for air cargo-weekly consolidation from uk to nigeria, covers the following services: receiving in our UK warehouse, weighing and measuring, labeling, notification of receipt to consignee, palletizing and wrapping, and AWB charges, trucking to airport from our warehouse, commercial air freight, general clearing and customs duty, trucking from MM Airport to our office in Lagos, de-consolidating, and invoice.

    PROCEDURE- How to send and receive goods from UK in Nigeria

    Confirm your preferred shipping mode. Otherwise below for our Air consolidation cargo rate- UK to Nigeria.

    Freight shipping and clearing costs from UK to Nigeria = £5.00 per kg

    For each shipment, a UK custom cost of £20 is required

    Cost of shipping laptop and electronic tablets from the UK to Nigeria: £70 per device and it both covers freight and destination clearing charges.

    Shipping Rate for IPhones & others which equivalent Value is N50,000 or more: £50 per phone covers freight and destination charges.

    Please Send an email to info@valuehandlers.com to request for your UK Shipping addressed to Ship your goods to Nigeria.

    IMPORTANT NOTE 1:You must not forget to use our code, VHI following your name to easily identify with us and enjoy all benefits. Kindly alert us of the cargo you are sending to our UK facility using our Inbound Cargo Alert Form.

    IMPORTANT NOTE 2 : It is important that you first send us a packing list of your shipment before sending your goods to our UK facility. This will help us in advising you on how you will be charged (Actual or volume weight).

    When your items, goods and packages arrives at our UK facility, we then:

    1. Receive the packages/cargo.

    2. Ship the packages out via Cargo Air carrier, upon completion of our weekly Consolidation.

    3. Confirm Estimated time of arrival (ETA) from the Airline and inform you using the email address that has been provided through the Inbound Cargo Alert Form that you completed at initiation point.

    4. Notify you of cargo arrival in Lagos Cargo terminal and invoice upon cargo arrival by email.

    5. Inform you of clearing timeline (Clearing takes between 48 - 72 hrs).

    6. Send you the final shipping invoice and advise you of Pick-up day and time at our office facility.

    7. Entire shipping process is between 7-10days.

    IATA policy on Chargeable weight:

    Actual weight or dimensional weight (L x W x H) whichever is higher is charged.

    Our policy:

    Our minimum invoice is £60 ( This is not applicable for phone, laptop, tablet, ipad)

    Payment term:

    Payment upon cargo arrival in Nigeria (cargo consolidation shipping service only).

    Terms & Conditions of Service Apply

    You must not forget to use our code (VHI) following your name for low rates cargo consolidation service. Please alert us of the cargo you are sending us using our Inbound Cargo Alert Form

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