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Shipping to Nigeria | USA to Nigeria Cheap Shipping | Valuehandlers

Valuehandlers is one of the most reliable  Shipping companies in the USA. A freight  forwarder registered in Nigeria and USA and an expert Air freight of;

  • Personal effects

  • Household goods

  • Items purchased online

  • Extra Luggage

  • Gift item

  • Phone, Laptop, Electronics, Games, Computers

  • Multi Vitamin, Chocolate

  • Boxes 

  • Package transfer to Business, Family and friend in Nigeria.

Here is the Procedure in Air freight of Cargo from USA to Nigeria:


Shortcut Procedure :


  • Instantly Copy a Free USA mailing address to complete your online purchase (Terms and Condition, highlighted in red below Applies.

NB: Contact us by sending email to before sending;

  • 1. Goods purchased with Foreign Credit/debit cards

  • 2. Tablets, Telephones, Laptops, And Electronic Gadgets with Battery, Including Shipment Containing Fluid.

  • Ensure after close of work and weekend delivery is NOT checked when completing your orders online. This is because our USA office will not be available to receive your shipment delivered outside work hours / outside work days.

  • Ensure you complete Inbound Cargo alert (A form, to notify us of your cargo movement to a US address we assigned to you. This must be done immediately you have your tracking number.

Regular Procedure :


  • Submit your shipping enquiries  / packing list to or use Quote request form

  • Receive an email detailing; USA Shipping rate and Procedure.

  • Complete registration using a link attached to an email you receive.

  • You'll be verified and Free Shipping address given to you in an email.

  • Ensure you complete Inbound Cargo alert (A form, to notify us of your cargo movement to a US address we assigned to you.

Confirm if you require pick up from supplier by sending mail to or Call Bola on 08032241768

How we Manage your shipment in  USA/Nigeria

When cargo arrives our US Mailing address, we then:

  1. Receive the parcel / cargo and reweigh it.

  2. Ship the cargo out via consolidation to Nigeria. NOTE: Consolidation cut-off day is 10:00am, Friday.  

  3. Clearing of Cargo out of Lagos Port takes 24 - 48 hrs.

  4. AGAIN Ensure you complete inbound Cargo alert form that inform us of your cargo movement from your supplier to your dedicated Valuehandlers Mailing address assigned to you.



IATA policy on Chargeable weight Applies: i.e, Actual weight or dimensional weight (L x W x H) whichever is higher will be invoiced .

Our policy: Minimum invoice $12.25 (Covers freight and Clearing) 


Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for Consolidation: US to Nigeria Airport is between 5-7days from the day we receive your shipment in our USA facility.


Payment term: 70% Pre-paid for Specific shipments, like Electronics, Shoes, Bags, Cosmetics, and cargo with high Volume weights 


For Commercial goods:  Raw Material, Machines & Equipment, pls request for rate by emailing us your cargo details to

Valuehandlers is Shipping from Amazon, Ebay, and from all US online stores to Nigeria, Lagos, Warri, Port Harcourt , Ondo, Enugu, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Benin, Delta, etc


Valuehandlers is Shipping from new jersey, New York, Newark, Michigan, Houston, Texas, California, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina,   Colorado, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Minnesota, Lowa, Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and from all US online stores to Nigeria. 

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