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    How to Buy and Ship from Amazon.com to Nigeria
    Updated On: 19 Oct 2020 | 1,588 Views

    How to Buy and Ship from Amazon.com to Nigeria

    How to Buy and Ship from Amazon.com to Nigeria


    The world has outgrown a conventional marketing where one is limited to his immediate geography for shopping of needs of all kinds. The inventory of internet has brought a lot of transformation to human living and now, one can stay at the comfort of his/her room to order from anywhere in the world.

    This really sound simple but other things involved. This includes the knowledge of where to buy and how to ship it down to your access which is the finite stages of marketing.

    This is called digital marketing. It is convenient, practical and less time-consuming. Worldwide, by the year 2017, 1.71 billion people have benefited from online trading and according to the World Financial Data of the year, the annual average amounts to $ 2.3 trillion. According to the statistical calculations and estimates, by this year 2020 this figure will reach 4.06 trillion US dollars

    The internet bagged many online foreign stores among them is Amazon.com, Inc., is considered to be the world’s largest online retailer. It is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four tech companies, along with Google, Apple, and Facebook.


    •    What I should know about Amazon?
    •    How do I order from Amazon?
    •    What can I buy from Amazon?
    •    Is there anything I cannot buy from Amazon?
    •    Is Amazon safe for me?
    •    How can I get my items ship to my corridor?


    Etymologically, Amazon.com is considered one of the starting places of e-commerce in the world. Amazon.com has over the years grown to the hedge of ladder in the electronic trade. It was created on July 5, 1994.

    Although Jeff Bezos the owner of Amazon initially wanted to name his company Cadabra from Abracadabra however, he finally named it Amazon and it was for 2 reasons. The first is that the Amazon river is the largest on earth by basin and discharge volume of water, as well as the second longest in the world. On the other hand, the name begins on the first letter of the alphabet, and the founder made sure that his company would be named the first by alphabetical order. As part of the track record is the creation of the first electronic book reader Amazon Kindle, which significantly changed the reading of the book and increased the number of amateur readers. The first generation Kindle was released on November 19, 2007 and was sold for $ 399. You can as well search and read more about them on their page


    Amazon is an e- commerce platform where you could do your shopping online (on the Internet) as long as you are connected to any of the internet device, you are good to make order. Just surf through these steps

    1.    Log in to their website (www.amazon.com)
    2.    Visit the product detail page for an item you wish to buy.
    3.    Tap Add to Cart. When you've finished adding items to your cart, tap the Shopping Cart icon.
    4.    If you need to edit the items in your Cart, tap Save for later or Delete next to the item in the Cart.
    5.    Tap Proceed to checkout and follow the on-screen instructions.
    6.    Review your order information and tap Place your order to complete your purchase.
    7.    You'll see an order confirmation screen when your purchase has been completed.


    The lists of what you can buy on Amazon is endless, but here are some of the things we considered as primary needs;

    1. Diapers
    New parents are often baffled by the amount of cash spent on baby essentials. The good news is you can reduce the spending a lot if you start stashing on Amazon.

    2. Small Kitchen Appliances

    This category has appeared on almost every list of things never to buy on Amazon, but things have changed a bit today.

    3. Household and personal care items

    A quick research proved that Amazon offers a bit cheaper prices that Walmart on different household and personal care items like washing powder, detergent shampoos and more. Rather than shop online for such things as shampoo, conditioner and lotions, local members-only warehouse stores and dollar stores have huge varieties for far less than online retailers as a whole. Laundry detergent was something possible worth checking, so a comparison was run on Tide Pods Detergent. Amazon’s price was $17.97 for a 72-count package, while Walmart’s was exactly the same. Further, Amazon price members pay no shipping ever, although Walmart does now have such a “club.”

    4. Small Electronics

    Small electronics are a mixed bag for Amazon. While they meet some prices of Walmart and BestBuy on such things as MP3 players, they are pricier on others. The Kindle Paperwhite 3G, for example was $10.00 more on Amazon

    5. Larger Electronics

    Televisions are always popular item for comparison. The one selected was the Samsung 32-inch, 720p LED TV. Comparing Amazon, Walmart, and BestBuy, Amazon came out ahead

    6. Books

    This is for book lovers, the readers of generation. A tap on your tablet will solve your appetite. You can always bounce on Amazon for your books. You can get as many as your desire.
    You can also search for more on their site


    Though, factually all you need could be found on Amazon but the following are advised to be source locally considering price, time and other necessary elements;

    1. Food

    Yes, you can now order fresh food delivery through AmazonFresh if you live in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Fransisco or San Diego area, NYC and Philadelphia city center. Because Amazon only delivers fresh groceries to a few cities on the west coast of the United States right now, comparing prices on fresh foods with grocery store chains across the country is impossible. However, there are plenty of boxed and canned food items that are shipped by Amazon, and in general they are more expensive than the items in stores and at other online retailers.

    2. Power Tools

    Other online retailers continue to beat Amazon prices quite handily. For example, there is the most recent pricing for a Black and Decker 20-volt cordless drill/driver at Amazon

    3. Paper Products

    Paper towels and toilet paper really should be picked up locally, but for those who just must shop online, here is a comparison price just on one type of paper towel – Viva
    (kindly note this is an empirical review of a study reportorial, it is subjected to continuous review)


    Amazon.in Marketplace is safe, secure and guaranteed. It provides you with a convenient method of payment and is the only authorized and recognized form of payment on Amazon.in. You should never pay for a Marketplace item outside of the Amazon. Using a debit or credit card online to make purchases is completely safe these days. Large sites like Amazon have set up a lot of security measures to ensure the safety of their customers and to provide a safe and easy way to purchase online


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    About the Blogger: Valuehandlers is a professional Freight forwarder specializes in Air & Sea shipping, Customs clearing and cargo delivery from and to Nigeria for Packages, Item, Equipment, Machines, Raw materials, Dangerous goods, Personal effects, trucks and Cars, etc. from more than eighty (80) countries.

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