Customs Clearing Agents & Freight Forwarders in Nigeria Ports

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Customs Claring in Nigeria (Nahco & Sachcol)
Customs Clearing Agent in Nahco / Sahcol, Airport Lagos

Do you need a Customs Clearing agent in Nigeria?

Valuehandlers is a Supply Chain Management Company Specializes in Air & Sea Freight Shipping, Customs clearing & cargo Servicing from and to 80 countries


We process cheap customs clearing in Lagos, Nigeria in 2 - 3 days through NAHCO and SAHCO warehouses in Lagos Airport. 

If you are shipping to Nigeria from Asia, African countries, America (USA), UAE, or from Australia, Valuehandlers can configure a seamless customs clearing process that will not only save you money but also time. We know what customs like and what they don't. 

Valuehandlers is processing clearance of the following packages / items out of Lagos Airport;

·         Equipment,

·         Machines,

·         Raw materials,

·         Chemical,

·         Phones,

·         Computers,

·         Home appliances,

·         Oil rig equipment,

·         Medical equipment,

·         Leather Products,

·         Dangerous goods and we have no restriction to what we can clear, provided its fails within goods that are permitted for importation into Nigeria. Request for Clearing Quote

Customs Clearing Services in Nigeria include;

  • Pre Arrival Documentation, include Form M Opening and PAAR Processing, 

  • Filling through customs processing Unit

  • Assessment collection from Customs

  • Payment of customs Duty

  • Releasing from Customs offices / units

  • Payment of Handling Charges in Nahco or Sahcol Warehouses

  • General Clearing from other Port agencies 


We offer free pre-shipment consulting service: Call Bola on 08032241768 or send a mail to

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Custom clearing Agen in LagosNigeria
Customs Clearing Agents & Freight Forwarders in Nigeria Ports



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