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    Open Form M: How to Process and Obtain Form M in Nigeria

    Open Form M: How to Process and Obtain Form M in Nigeria

    First Step in Importation into Nigeria: See the steps you'd take to Obtaining Form M and get E form M approved in Nigeria. 

    What is Form M?

    Form M is a mandatory statutory document to be completed by all importers shipping into Nigeria.

    On this page, are going to guide you through Opening of Nigeria Customs E-Form M, obtaining Form M and approval Process in Nigeria. We explained Nigeria customs Import duty and other Taxes.

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    Step 1. Form M.

    1. Duly completed e-Form ‘M’ shall be submitted electronically to an Authorized Dealer bank with the following attached document: 

     a. Profoma Invoice.

     b. Insurance Certificate

     c. Regulatory Certificate/Permits ( e.g. NAFDAC, SONCAP Pharmaceutical Board of Nigeria, etc. and any additional documents that might be prescribed by relevant government agency).

    However the originals of the Documents listed in 1"a", "b", "c" should be submitted to the processing bank prior to validation.

       2. Upon receipt of duly completed and submitted copy of the e-Forms M from the importer, the Authorized dealer bank shall:

    a. Ensure that the e-Form ‘M’ is duly completed with detailed description of goods clearly stated;

    b. Compare the attached documents with the original;

    c. Ensure that the entire relevant documents that are to accompany the completed e-Form ‘M, are actually provided.  It should be stated that  the Authorized Dealer bank is expected to carry out proper Know – Your – Customer (K-Y-C) and be satisfied that all the relevant documents forwarded are genuine

    After completion of (a) and (c) above, the bank shall validate and transmit the e-Form ‘M’, to Nigeria Customs Service (NCS). Source: Nigeria Customs Website

    Step 2.  FORM M Approved 

     Step 3.  Your Supplier will then forward Original AWB, Packing list, Final Invoice, and certificate of origin (CCVO) to your Bank.

    Finally, Your Bank will then forward supporting document to Custom head office in Abuja. Customs will generate PAAR after proper examination of the document so submitted.



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