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    Lagos Customs Clearance- Processes, Documentation, Duty Payment & Customs Releasing

    Lagos Customs Clearance- Processes, Documentation, Duty Payment & Customs Releasing

    The standard procedure in customs clearing of cargo from Lagos Airport begins upon Cargo arrival in Nigeria, manifest transmission confirmed and collection of shipping documents from the carrier airline. We then proceed with Customs clearing through, either Nahco or Sahcol shield, Lagos Airport. Valuehandlers has helped corporate organizations and individuals to deliver packages such as; equipment, incuding medical, agric, oil & gas, tools, spare parts, fashion, household goods, computer and electronics, pharmaceutical, dangerous goods, telephones etc. through the Nigeria customs service, lagos Airport command

    For PAAR or Bank consignments, VHI Cargo Provides professional support in Customs clearance document, including Form M & PAAR to clear your goods through Nigeria Customs Service

    Standard Import Clearance Process in Nigeria AirPorts- Customs processing

    NOTE 1: Any person intending to import physical goods into Nigeria is required to process e-Form ‘M’ through an authorized dealer bank irrespective of the value and whether or not payment is involved.

    NOTE 2: Some items can be cleared out of Airport without processing PAAR. Contact us for More

    For shipment that requires a clear report of assessment, you need to obtain your PAAR. Importers are expected to hand over all shipping documents and PAAR to the clearing agent who shall carry out standard import clearance through the Nigeria customs from the airport and/or other customs bonded warehouses.

    Documents Needed For Customs Clearing Process in the Airport

    The documents listed below are required to begin the airport customs clearing process in Nigeria. Although without these documents, the clearing process can still begin, contact us for more.

    1. Power of attorney:This is the legal authority to act for another person in a specific situation. In this case, the importer gives the clearing agent the legal authority to act on his behalf throughout the clearing process.

    2. Airway bill: A receipt between the airline and the importer showing the freight rate. It accompanies the cargo and contains detailed information about the shipment. The airway bill contains an 11 digit number that can be used as a tracking number.

    3. PAAR (Pre Arrival Assessment Report):This is mandatory for certain shipments, otherwise, the clearing agent can still support to get the needed documents in the absence of the PAAR

    4. Proforma Invoice And Final Invoice:This is a document that serves as a proof of payment between the importer and the manufacturer/supplier and contains a complete description of goods, detailing the type of goods, quantity of goods, type of packaging, amount, etc. It shows either full payment amount or partial payment amount according to the agreement made between both parties(importer and supplier)

    5. Insurance certificate/ Certificate of Insurance (COI): This certificate is issued by an insurance company. It provides verification of the insurance and usually contains information on types and limits of coverage, insurance company, policy number, named insured, and the policies' effective periods. An insurance certificate protects the importer in an event of loss or damage to the goods while in transit. The type of insurance used for the shipping of goods is called Goods-In-Transit (GIT).

    6. Regulatory Certificates: These are the certificates issued by the regulatory agencies in the country of importation to ensure that each import is in compliance with set standards. Such certificates include; NAFDAC certificate; issued by National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC), SONCAP (Standards Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Programme); issued by Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), an end user certificate issued by the manufacturer of a dangerous good detailing the physical and chemical properties of the product.

    Steps In The Clearing Process

    Below is the step-by-step process for clearing of goods at the airport:

    1. After getting the Power of Attorney, the clearing agent collects documents (original copy of AWB, cargo arrival advice [notice of arrival]) from the handlers. He then captures Single Goods Declaration (SGD) using Direct Trade Input (DTI) from his own computer or a DTI Café.

    2. Assessment: The assessment is generated through the customs processing centers. The clearing agent self-assesses the SGD from DTI Café and prints out the assessment notice. The assessment is done through the PAAR and insurance certificate. Duty to be paid can be calculated based on customs tariffs and paid by the owner.

    3. After the assessment is done, an electronic message is transmitted to the relevant commercial Bank specifying the amount to be paid for Customs duties.

    4. Importer or the clearing agent then proceeds to the bank to pay the exact amount specified on the assessment notice.

    5. The documents will be processed at Customs Processing Center (CPC), where it will be dispatched to customs bonded warehouse, afterwhich, the Importer/ clearing agent will request for the release of his consignment from his own computer system or DTI Café

    6. Physical inspection will be conducted for final release at the bonded warehouse.

    7. Final release from customs and issuance of exit "Exit note" which stands as customs release gate pass.

    8. Handling charges shall be paid on each kilogram (kg) of the shipment, afterwhich handling company "gate pass" will be issued

    9. After all these processes are successfully completed, clearing agent can proceed to transport the shipment/cargo to the consignee

    Releasing/Endorsing Through Other Government Agencies

    This is the most tasking and technical area in the clearing process;

    (a) Examination booking and proper physical examination
    (b) Signing and securing release stamps and signatures from different customs units e.g, CIU, Enforcement, Customs Gate control etc.
    (c) Signing of examination Form by Government agencies in the Port; e.g Police, SSS, Anti-drugs, Anti-Bomb, NAFDAC/SON, and others

    NOTE:ax Identification Number (TIN) of the Consignee (Company name OR personal name) is needed to take any step, including the very first step.

    PAAR can be generated within 24 hours if there are no issues from Importer, shipper, bank, customs.<

    Expected Fees In the Shipping and Clearing Process in The Airport

    Ground Operators:NAHCO and SAHCOL have their charges and fees. The charges and fees from these operators may vary and depend on the cargo weight, facility used in handling your shipment and the number of days your shipment takes to scale through customs clearance.

    Cargo Airlines:have their charges too and fee will depend on the airline that transported your cargo to Nigeria. There are multinational and indigenous airlines shipping cargo to Nigeria

    FAAN: The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) also has her levy.

    NOTE:charges from the mentioned operators above are charged to the consignee’s account.

    Valuehandlers is clearing below items from Airport;
    Flanges, Reducers, Elbows, Gasket, Centrifugal filter, Valves, Bolt & Nuts, Pipes, Segment Bend, Galvanized fittings, Monolithic joints, Booster pump, Electric motor pump, Cold galvanized paints, Blower Fan, Maximum silencer, Fire resistance cable, Tower ladder, Internal float roof, Hand tools, Marine Engine, Screw & screw machine, Measurement and gauge. We are delivering to PH, Warri, Benin, Asaba, Aba, Onitsha, Kaduna, Abuja, Lekki, Lagos and to all Nigeria cities

    FINAL NOTE: Certain cargoes do not require Form M e.g, personal effects & Vehicles less than 15yrs of age.

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