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    Freight from UK to Nigeria - Shipping Packages & Cargo
    Updated On: 09 Nov 2023 | 896 Views

    Freight from UK to Nigeria - Shipping Packages & Cargo

    As in other countries, United Kingdom export rules are flexible and can permit temporal and or permanent exportation of goods from the UK to Nigeria.

    How to work out your shipping project from the UK to Nigeria depends on some important and statutory variables. Below we have highlighted step by step procedures on to how to ship your packages from the UK to Nigeria;

    UK Customs Declaration

    UK export procedure emphasized the need for shippers to declare exportable goods, whether goods for temporary, small goods to be shipped from the UK to Nigeria, or large cargo. There is more than one way to do customs declaration in the UK, including online declaration of goods with invoice value of less than £1,500. Invoice value above this will require full customs declaration.

    Prepare for Export Procedure and Logistics

    This element of shipping from the UK will include;

    Moving goods and using Freight forwarders: Before you start moving your goods, I will share with you a great deal of advice on choosing transport mode and using freight forwarders. Whether you are transporting your goods, first from a UK supplier by road or rail, or you are freighting to Nigeria from the UK by Air or Sea, you must consider these.

    a)       Costs and distance

    b)      When the goods need to arrive

    c)       Your product’s size, weight, perishability, and any need for security

    d)      Special requirements or export licenses for restricted goods and animals

    Freight forwarder Responsibilities

    Employ the service of professional freight agent to carry-out the following shipping tasks on your behalf;

    1.       prepare customs and shipping documents.

    2.       Advise on a country’s rules and regulations.

    3.       Arrange and manage several different transport methods for a shipment to the consignee in Nigeria- Land trucking for port transfer, Air or Sea transportation for international delivery.

    4.       Negotiate freight charges from the UK to Nigeria.

    5.       Arrange cargo insurance.

    6.       Book cargo space (To save money I recommend you use cheap shipping to Nigeria, or you consolidate your shipments)

    7.       Pack goods for export to Nigeria (this requires specialist knowledge)

    8.       Move dangerous goods from the UK to Nigeria.

    9.       Manage customs clearance and the payment of import duty in Nigeria.

    Documents Required for carriage

    International Transportation: It is the responsibility of your freight forwarder to ensure that all the documents are provided by the carrier. Each form of transport method will have its own required documentation for carriage and shall be issued by the airline / shipping line.

             i.            Air waybill – When using air freight to Nigeria

           ii.            Bill of lading - for sea shipping

         iii.            CMR consignment note - for road freight.

    International Trade Contracts and Incoterms

    As a shipper, buying goods from a UK supplier, you need to make sure shipping and delivery responsibilities are written down and clearly understood between you and your supplier. Using international commercial terms (known as incoterms) in contracts can help you do this.

    What are Incoterms?

    Incoterms are a set of internationally recognized 3-letter trade terms. They describe the practical arrangements for the delivery of goods from sellers to buyers and allocate the obligations, costs, and risks between the 2 parties. They are produced by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and updated periodically to reflect changing trade practices. (great.gov.uk).

    Elements of a contract In International Trade

    When you are negotiating a contract with your UK supplier, you'll need to discuss and agree:

    •         where the goods will be delivered

    •         Who arranges transport?

    •         Who handles and pays for insurance?

    •         Who handles customs procedures?

    •         Who pays any duties and taxes?

    Shipping from the UK to Nigeria is now easier than ever with a wide range of shipping options available. Whether you need general cargo, project cargo or dangerous goods (DG), our knowledgeable staff will take care of all your needs and ensure that it arrives at its destination safely!

    Shipping Cost (UK to Nigeria Freight Rates)

    • £3 per kg shipping cost for air freight- Time sensitive cargo

    • £1,200 shipping cost for sea freight (20 ft container)

    • £1,700 shipping cost for sea freight (40 ft container)

    • £130 shipping cost for groupage

    Note: Always contact us for prevailing freight rates. Request for a quote now.

    Pick-up and Door-to-door (UK to Nigeria)

    Irrespective of the transport method you are choosing for your international shipment delivery to Nigeria, Valuehandlers can, on request, arrange door pick-up from your supplier, and deliver to your doorstep in Nigeria.  When shipping from the UK, you can schedule us for a pickup or you instruct your supplier to send your cargo to our export facility, for onward shipping to Nigeria (air or sea) port.

    UK to Nigeria- Transit time:

    Subject to space availability and booking confirmation, below are time specifics for different international shipping methods from the UK to Nigeria;

    • Cargo flight- for Air freight: 2 – 3 days (Time sensitive shipment)

    • Cargo flight- for Air freight: 7 – 15 days (Time-relaxed / Cheap shipping)

    • Sea Shipping time - for 20ft container: 15 – 20 Days

    • Sea Shipping time - for 40ft container: 15 – 20 Days

    • Sea Shipping time - for groupage / lcl:  20 – 30 Days

     Get a free Quote.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important that you first send us a packing list of your shipment before sending your goods to our UK facility. This will help us in advising you on how you will be charged (Actual or volume weight).


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    About the Author: Adetayo George-Adewoye is a freight broker and logistics professional. Adetayo introduced pre-shipment consulting services into the shipping industry in 2012. He has offered high-level consulting services to the medical / pharmaceutical sector, oil and gas multinationals, agricultural sector, Mining, and construction industry, manufacturer, and procurement experts. Adetayo George-Adewoye is an award winner in the field of logistics, a member of the Lagos Chamber of commerce and industry, lions club international and freight net logistics network.

    12, Joseph Odunlami Street, Off Thomas Salako Street, Ogba Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos