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    Air Freight to Nigeria | Shipping Packages & Cargo

    Our Air freight services ship and deliver time sensitive packages from and to Nigeria. Air freight offers expedited shipping of cargo and courier packages. Air freight delivers in 2-3 days. Air Shipping service is safe, quick, and affordable.

    Valuehandlers offers fast and affordable air freight services to Nigeria. Ship your time sensitive items to Nigeria from your overseas suppliers within 2 – 3 days. Get Quote now.

    The Essentials for Air freight- How Air Freight can Work for You- Must Read

    Air Freight services and Transit time

    Air Shipping is 2-3 days to Lagos Airport, Nigeria upon airline booking confirmation. VHI air freight shipping services deliver packages from over 80 international Airports to Nigeria

    • Express Air freight (Expedited shipping): 2- 3 days

    • Standard Air freight (Cargo service): 3- 5 days

    • Air Consolidation (cheapest air freight for packages)

    • Air Courier service- DHL International discounted express service: 2 -5 days to your doorstep.

      Cargo Pick up from Overseas Supplier

      As an international buyer, you can schedule us for a pick-up from your overseas supplier, or direct your manufacturer to deliver to our export facility in your buying country, for onward shipping to Nigeria via air freight. Get Quote now

      air freight shipping services

      Book Your Cargo on Air freight

      Our Air Cargo services to Nigeria attend to the urgent air freight transportation of shipments for businesses and individuals, to deliver packages in 2-3 days through Lagos (Nahco & Sahcol) Airport. From medium-sized cargo to large shipment, there is no restriction on the weight and sizes of freight you can book on a cargo plane. Get Quote now.

      Air Freight Shipping Categories

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    DHL Express Delivery Services- Air freight Shipping to Nigeria

    Take advantage of our International DHL express service to send and receive your parcel / packages in Nigeria. Use DHL discounted express service available in over 80 countries. We are 30% cheaper compared to when you walk into DHL offices. Use our discounted DHL express service to fast pick-up and delivery of your orders, items, parcels and shipments across borders. Try DHL discounted express service today

    air freight services

    VHI cargo offers swift delivery for goods at competitive rates.

    Air Freight Shipping Cost by Country

    Through our network of freight forwarders, we are able to offer cost effective air freight services on import / export from and to Nigeria. Select the country you want to import from, to see estimated air freight rates to Lagos Airport, Nigeria; Germany, France, China, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Spain, UK / united Kingdom, USA / America, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan, Finland, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Holland / Netherland, Japan and Dubai/UAE. Packages shipping time via air freight is 2-3 days to Lagos Airport.

      Have urgent shipment to ship by Air freight to Nigeria?

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      Valuehandlers has a global capacity of over 80 countries delivering packages across Asia, USA, UK, Middle East, and Africa

      From the moment you create your shipment with an international supplier to the point of receiving it in Nigeria, Valuehandlers will guide you through the process from initial documentation to clearance in Nigeria.

        Air freight - Delivery Procedure to Nigeria

        Depending on where you want us to join in the value chain, we can:

        - Guide the process with efficient documentation (Form M and PAAR)

        - pick up from manufacturer/supplier,

        - book cargo for shipping with Airline

        - process general clearing documents,

        - Manage and handle customs duty payments,

        - Release cargo from Customs, and

        - Deliver to you at your home or other facilities.

        Package Shipping

        By air freight or cargo plane you can send and receive items such as Medical equipment, Pharmaceutical commodities, Scanners, Flanges, Crusher, Filters, Machines and heavy-duty equipment, Raw materials, Dangerous goods, and personal effects, household goods, Merchandises including, groceries, Clothing, Shoes, And Spare parts in Nigeria. For Machinery, commercial cargo, merchandise goods, and Dangerous goods, our Air Cargo service handles Direct & Quick shipment delivery to Nigeria.

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