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    Importation Guide For Solar Products to Nigeria
    Updated On: 14 Mar 2024 | 183 Views

    Importation Guide For Solar Products to Nigeria

    Importation Guide For Solar Products to Nigeria

    In recent times, the global shift towards solar energy sources has gained significant momentum, with Nigeria also embracing this transition. As importers seeking to capitalize on renewable energy solutions, navigating the complexities of shipping such products to Nigeria requires careful consideration. Some of these products include:

    • Solar panels,

    • Inverter, 

    • Solar pumps, 

    • Hybrid solar, 

    • Biomass generators, 

    • and more.

    This guide aims to provide importers like you with valuable information such as: product classification, finding reliable suppliers, key steps in the customs clearing process, and documentation process needed to make informed decisions when shipping solar energy products from Netherlands, USA, China, India, Taiwan, or HongKong to Nigeria.


    Renewable Energy Product Classification
    Solar energy products are classified under specific Harmonized System (HS) codes for customs clearance purposes. The HS code for these products may vary depending on the nature of the product you intend to ship to Nigeria. You can see the table below:

    Nature Of Item 

    Hs Code 


    Solar Panel


    Photovoltaic cells assembled in modules or made up into panels





    Uninterruptible power supply 



    Biomass generator


    Gas-powered generating set



    Finding Reliable Supplier of Solar Energy 


    When sourcing renewable energy products from overseas suppliers, it's crucial to partner with reputable companies known for quality products and reliable service. Conduct thorough research, read reviews, and request product samples or certifications to ensure compliance with Nigerian standards and regulations.


    Some well-known international suppliers include:


    Cost of Shipping Solar Energy Product

    Shipping costs are a significant consideration for importers to take into account; which ranges from: 

    • 20ft Container: $2,500

    • 40ft Container: $2,750

    • Groupage (per cubic meter): $350

    Always contact us for prevailing freight shipping rates


    Click here to request a quote now.

    Documentation Process in Solar Energy Product


    Upon provision of the requisite cargo documentation such as invoice and packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin, product certificate, and import declaration form . Our team can assist you with the required documentation process—from conducting a thorough evaluation of your tariff obligations to identifying potential cost-saving opportunities.


    Key steps in the customs clearing process include:

    • Provide all required documents for clearing including the bill of lading/Airway bill, commercial invoice, packing list, and certificates of origin to our customer care representative at customercare@valuehandlers.com and let advise how best to navigate the customs clearing process.

    • Goods are subject to inspection by customs officials to verify compliance with regulations and assess duties and taxes.

    • Pay applicable import duties, taxes, and fees to customs authorities to facilitate the release of your goods.

    • Once customs clearance is obtained, your goods will be released for delivery to its final destination.


    In addition to providing comprehensive shipping solutions, we also understand the broader economic context in Nigeria. Our recent blog post on Nigeria's economic crisis sheds light on how Valuehandlers assists its customers during challenging times, offering valuable insights into navigating the Nigerian market effectively.

    If you require  further information, reach out to Oluwatosin via 08032241768 or whatsapp 08082375017.


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