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Cheap shipping from USA to Nigeria- Air freight & Clearing Cost is $3.5 per lb. Get Free Shipping Address to complete your online Order to Ship from US to Nigeria- Cloth, Shoes, Bag, Gift, Camera, Cosmetics, Multivitamins, Wrist Watches, Chocolate, TV, Screen, Speakers, Sound system, Drums, Laptop, Phones. USA Cargo Consolidation, offered by Valuehandlers is considered to be the most reliable, cheap method to ship to Nigeria. 


Valuehandlers is a reliable freight  forwarders in Nigeria, consolidating the following items from USA;

  • Personal effects

  • Household goods

  • Items purchased online

  • Extra Luggage

  • Gift item

  • Phone, Laptop, Electronics, Games, Computers

  • Multi Vitamin, Chocolate

  • Boxes 

  • Package transfer to Business, Family and friend in Nigeria. 


READ: USA to Nigeria- Household and Personal Effects Air Freight Procedure- How we manage your shipment in USA and Nigeria, plus invoicing

  • OCTOBER 2019  TO JANUARY 2020 FREIGHT RATE ( US Air freight & Clearing Cost)

  • $4.00 per lb for General goods;

  • Minimum invoice: $12.00 (For cargo less than 3lbs)

  • 3lbs  and Above: $4.00 / lb


  • For phones: $35, laptops, $60 per piece, small camera:$35.

General Rates above (Covers Freight/Custom duty to pickup in our Lagos office) 

Above rate not applicable to goods with invoice value of $1000 and above, please advice if your goods fall within. Send mail to


NOTE: Special Cargo. please call Bola/Funke on +2348032241768 

  • For Supplements, vitamins, cosmetics

  • Dangerous goods, e.g Televisions, product that contains Battery, cosmetics and other Classes of Dangerous goods require special handling and attract special rates. 

  •  Shipments like TV, car pumper, plastic / Iron containers including Coolers and some other shipments depending on volume are pre-paid upon arrival in our USA facility / or prior shipping out to Nigeria. call Bola/Funke on +2348032241768

NOTE KYC before using our address: If order is made by non Nigerian citizen, or paid for with non Nigerian Credit / debit card, or gift from non Nigerian, please do not use our USA address, until you Complete our USA-KYC compliance form, and approval given to you by email to use our  FREE USA Shipping Address


If you're exempted from Note KYC above, please send all correspondence and cargo addressed as follows;

Your Full Name

Valuehandlers LLC

275, Prospect St, 11F

East Orange, 07017,

New Jersey


Important Note 1: Please alert us to the cargo you are sending us using our USA Inbound Cargo Alert Form

IMPORTANT NOTE 2 : We strongly advise that you send us packing list of shipment you're sending to our USA facility. This will help us in advising you whether your goods will be charged on Actual or volume weight.  


Terms of Carriage: 

1. Customer must complete USA Inbound cargo Alert form

2. Invoice policy: Our minimum invoice is $12.00 (This is not applicable for phone,laptop,tablet,ipad)
3. ETA (Consolidation service) is between 
4. Payment term: Freight prepaid

5. Review our terms and conditions on our website

6. Demurrage Incurred after free days on shipment at origin / or destination is on consignee's account

7. Packages are sent as received- request for repacking if require. Repacking fee of $5.00 per standard box will apply.

8. Above rate not applicable to goods with invoice value of $1000 and above, please advice if your goods fall within.

Airfreight and Clearing from USA to Nigeria is $4.00 per lb, offers Free US Shipping address, Cheap Air freight forwarder in USA to Nigeria. Shop online in US from your home / office,   Air Freight Shipping from Amazon, Ebay, and from all US online Stores to Nigeria..

Valuehandlers is a professional Freight forwarder specializes in Air & Sea shipping, Customs clearing and cargo delivery from and to Nigeria for Packages, Item, Equipment, Machines, Raw materials, Dangerous goods, Personal effects, trucks and Cars


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