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    Stop Paying 8-9% Sales Tax Every Time You Order From USA Merchants

    Shipping to Nigeria | Cheap Air Freight, Consolidation, and Package delivery

    Shipping to Nigeria

    You can Schedule a Pick up or supplier send to your USA address (assigned to you by Valuehandlers) for onward shipping to Nigeria. We provide cheap Shipping on packages & parcel by air freight to Nigeria via Lagos airport. We offer the cheapest rates on all types of cargo including commercial, household goods, personal effects, and door to door consignment delivery. Call 08032241768.!

    Cost of Shipping from USA to Nigeria:

    * Air cargo (urgent & commercial goods) freight cost: $3.00 per lb

    * Air freight Consolidation (Budget economy) Shipping cost: $4.5/lb inclusive of package clearing and forwarding.

    * DHL express shipping cost from USA to Nigeria: Discounted and flexible invoice.

    * Our minimum shipping invoice policy of $8.25 will apply on a parcel weighing 0.5kg from USA facility to Nigeria pickup locations.

    Cheap Shipping - Air freight Consolidation from the USA

    This offers cheap shipping service that allows you to consolidate cargo for reduced volume weight and make sure you receive your packages without any empty cartons during pick-up in Nigeria or shipment abroad.

    Air Cargo Shipping Service from USA to Nigeria.

    You can Schedule urgent commercial shipment for a Pick up or your supplier send to a US, Delaware sales tax-free address in America. Your urgent package(s) will be transferred onto an international flight destined for Nigeria, Lagos International Airport in 2 - 3 days.

    DHL Express Shipping from USA to Nigeria

    This high speed delivery service is designed to ensure customer satisfaction and match your level of urgency. Discounted DHL Express delivery service offers some of the fastest delivery times from the USA. This premium offer delivers cheapest courier service from usa to nigeria at discounted price. call us now 08032241768!

    Shop Online in the USA and Ship to Nigeria

    Shop online in the USA and ship to Nigeria. We make it easy for you to shop on your favorite US stores or US merchants or browse from over 200 US websites on our site and we will ship to Nigeria for you.


    How to Ship from USA to Nigeria

    STEP 1: Sign up today for a US Address.
    STEP 2: Proceed to Shopping on any USA online Stores / merchants.
    STEP 3: Receive your online purchase / orders in Nigeria.

    The good news here is that you will save 7-10% when you have our free sales tax address. Sign up now.

    List of Items you can ship to Nigeria from USA

    Thinking of items you can ship? Valuehandlers has helped many businesses and individuals to deliver their imports and online orders to Nigeria. We have listed some of the items you can ship from the USA;

    • Personal effects,
    • Household goods,
    • Items purchased online,
    • Excess Luggage,
    • Gift item,
    • Phone, Laptop, Electronics, Games, Computers,
    • Multi Vitamin, Chocolate,
    • Boxes, etc.
    • Package transfer to Businesses, Family, and friends.

    How Long Does It Take to ship a package from the USA?
    - Package Shipping Time from USA

    Transit time for Air Cargo shipping: 3-5 Days
    Regular Air Consolidation shipping: 15-20 days

    How Can I Track my US Shipment?

    You can stay on top of your packages with real-time updates. Just fill out our inbound Cargo alert form, and we'll send you an email to let you know what's happening at each stage from arrival through when it leaves the facility.

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    Benefits of using Valuehandlers from USA to Nigeria
    1. Affordable shipping rates: USA package delivery rates for the consolidation service is $4.5 per lb and covers freight and general clearing in Nigeria

    2. We offer online shoppers sales-tax-free buying in the USA when they direct their packages to our Delaware address at check out.

    3. You will get a Free mailing Address to complete your online order from the US.

    4. You can consolidate a wide range of items including clothing, shoes, bag, gift, camera, cosmetics, multivitamins, wristwatches, chocolate, tv, screen, speakers, sound system, drums, laptop, phones.

    For eCommerce businesses - No Sales Tax is charged on all your US online purchases.

    Our shipping service offers freight up to our office in Lagos for pickup

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    Can I ship from a USA online merchant to Other States in Nigeria?

    You will get a dedicated Mailing address, also known as a US shipping address from Valuehandlers to complete your online order from USA for shipping to Nigeria.

    NOTE: Contact our customer service representative on 08032241768 or 08182072412 for supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, dangerous goods, etc.

    High volume shipments are pre-paid upon arrival in our USA facility.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: After completing your purchase online and tracking detail is given by your merchant, please alert us of the cargo you are sending to our USA collection warehouse using this Inbound Cargo Alert Form 

    Valuehandlers is delivering items to all Nigerian cities from USA, including; Lagos, Delta, Port Harcourt, Edo, Ondo, Oyo, Abuja, Ilorin, Enugu, Ibadan, Kano, Aba, Kaduna Calabar, Onisha, Ile Ife, Ogbomosho, Bayelsa etc.

    Valuehandlers is receiving, consolidating and Shipping items to Nigeria from New York, New Jersey, Houston, Atlanta, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, Florida, Louisiana.

    Contact us for moreValuehandlers International Limited
    08032241768, 08182072412
    Office Hours: Monday - Friday (8:30 AM -5.00 PM)

    Import Documentation: Form M, PAAR and Customs Clearing in Nigeria. Read More

    Valuehandlers is a supply chain management company, specializes in air & sea freight shipping, customs clearing & cargo servicing from and to Nigeria for packages, items, equipment, machines, raw materials, dangerous goods, personal effects, trucks and cars. Call 08032241768 for Form M and PAAR processing in Nigeria.

    Terms of Carriage

    12, Joseph Odunlami Street, Off Thomas Salako Street, Ogba Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos