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    Stop Paying 8-9% Sales Tax Every Time You Order From USA Merchants

    Shipping from the USA to Nigeria | Send your Packages with Air Freight Consolidation

    Package Shipping From the USA to Nigeria

    With just $4.5/lb, both air freight and clearing costs are covered, and we consolidate packages to reduce volume weight; you will not be receiving empty cartons in Nigeria when you ship from USA with VHI. It is cheaper to Ship from the USA to Nigeria if you send Packages with Air Freight Consolidation. Valuehandlers consolidates packages in its USA facility for businesses and individuals looking for a low budget and cheap air freight delivery to Nigeria.

    Order from USA online Stores and get your package in Nigeria

    You can buy from your preferred US merchants or browse from over 200 US websites on our site and we will be your reliable shipping partner to Nigeria with safe delivery and cheapest rates.


    How to Ship from USA to Nigeria

    You can schedule a pickup and you can send your item to our Tax free shipping address in Delaware, USA. Follow the below step to start shipping from US to Nigeria

    STEP 1: Sign up today for a US Address.
    STEP 2: Proceed to shopping on any USA e-commerce stores or other merchants.
    STEP 3:Receive your online orders, packages and items in Nigeria.

    The Catch

    • The advantage here is that you will save 7%-10% on sales tax through any merchant or online stores when you have our free sales tax shipping address. Sign up now.

    • USA Package delivery rates for the consolidation budget economy of $4.5 per lb covers freight from USA and general clearing in Nigeria.

    • You can consolidate any type of packages/items, including clothing, shoes, bag, gift, camera, cosmetics, multivitamins, wrist watches, chocolate, tv, screen, speakers, sound system, drums, laptop, machine, equipment, general cargo and household goods from the USA.

    • Continuous updates and communication via email throughout the entire shipping process and accurate ETA of your packages in Nigeria

    • For Ecommerce businesses - No Sales Tax is charged on all your USA online purchases.

    • We offer affordable rates inclusive of both freight and clearing costs in Nigeria with favourable transit times.

    Cost of Shipping a Package from the USA

    $4.5 per lb covers air freight shipping cost from the USA and clearing charges in Nigeria on general goods.

    Why is USA Consolidation service the cheapest:

    Volume plays a major role when determining shipping price from USA to cargo destination in Nigeria. Air cargo consolidation service is still considered to be the one of the most affordable shipping way as it allows you to send small packages that are below carriers' shipping required weight with as low as $4.5/lb.

    Item you can ship from USA to Nigeria :

    Air freight cargo consolidation service will ship and deliver the following items in Nigeria from US;

    • Personal effects,
    • Household goods,
    • Online orders,
    • Excess Luggage,
    • Gift item,
    • Phone, Laptop, Electronics, Games, Computers,
    • Multi Vitamin, Chocolate,
    • Boxes, etc.
    • Package transfer to Businesses, Family, and friends.

    Package shipping time- Transit time from USA

    Packages you ship via our DHL discounted Express service will typically arrive Nigeria in 5-7 Days Click here to use our DHL discount account..
    You can expect to receive Packages you ship via USA cargo consolidation tax free Dalaware USA address in Nigeria between 10 – 20 days.

    How Can I Track my US Shipment?

    When you complete our inbound Cargo alert form, which notifies us of the arrival of your package to our USA facility, you can begin tracking your packages through an email alert that we will send to you at every stage of the shipping process until they are ready for collection or delivery.

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    Benefits of using Valuehandlers from USA to Nigeria-

    • With just $4.5/lb, both shipping and clearing costs are covered, and we consolidate packages to reduce volume weight; you will not be receiving empty cartons in Nigeria.
    • We offer Online shoppers sales tax free buying in the USA when they direct their packages to our Delaware address at check out instead of Houston, Atlanta or Texas where other consolidators allow them to pay between 7%-10% sales tax for using their mailing address.
    • You will get a Free mailing Address to complete your online Order from US.
    • You can consolidate Clothing, Shoes, Bag, Gift, Camera, Cosmetics, Multivitamins, Wrist Watches, Chocolate, TV, Screen, Speakers, Sound system, Drums, Laptop, from the USA. 
    • You can consolidate any packages / items, including Machine, equipment,  general cargo and household goods.
    • USA Air Cargo Consolidation, offered by Valuehandlers delivery service is the most reliable, cheap method to send goods to Nigeria.
    • For Ecommerce businesses - No Sales Tax is charged on all your USA online purchases.
    • You will receive an email tracking update- Track your shipment to know arrival of your item in our USA facility and cargo departure to Nigeria.
    • Our shipping service offers freight payment on arrival for items with low dimensional weight, you do not have to pay before your shipment arrives in Nigeria 
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    Can I ship from a USA online merchant to my state in Nigeria?

    Upon arrival of consolidated items / packages from USA in lagos airport, Valuehandlers will distribute individual packages to consignees' in; Lagos, Delta, Port Harcourt, Edo, Ondo, Oyo, Abuja, Ilorin, Enugu, Ibadan, Kano, Aba, Kaduna Calabar, Onisha, Ile Ife, Ogbomosho, Bayelsa, at a cost.
    Valuehandlers receives, consolidates and ships items to Nigeria from New York, New Jersey, Houston, Atlanta, Pennesylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, Florida, Louisiana.


    • For Supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, special Cargo; contact us on 08032241768 or 08182072412

    • Dangerous goods, e.g televisions, products that contain battery- including Phones, cosmetics, liquids, creams and body lotion and other classes of dangerous goods that require special handling and also attract special rates; contact us on 08032241768 or 08182072412

    • Shipments like TV, car pumper, plastic and iron containers including coolers and some other shipments depending on the volume are pre-paid upon arrival in our USA facility. contact us on 08032241768 or 08182072412 for more

    IMPORTANT NOTE: After completing your purchase online and tracking details are given by your merchant, please alert us of the cargo you are sending to our USA facility using this Inbound Cargo Alert Form 

    Terms of Carriage

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