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    Cheap Shipping to Nigeria

    Do you want cheap shipping of your cargo to Nigeria, or do you want to enjoy the benefits of consolidated shipping? Our cheap shipping provides alternative freight service solutions for sizes of packages allowing shippers to save cost on purchases from overseas.

    What is Cheap Shipping-

    Cheap shipping is achieved by using cargo consolidation mode of shipping. Cargo consolidation is a shipping mode that allows small businesses and individuals to save money on shipping costs. It is the collection of export items from different shippers to meet airline shipping requirements such that importers of smaller shipments can still enjoy the benefit of earning preferred rates, as if they were shipping very large consignments. Designed for those who want to access cheap shipping and are not too much in a hurry but can wait a few days for their shipment to arrive, cargo consolidation is safe and efficient for the cost-conscious importers.

    How Cheap Shipping Works in Consolidation

    As the name implies, consolidated shipping involves consolidation of several shipments from separate shippers and freighting them as a single shipment. These items are then de-consolidated at destination for the various consignees to pick their shipments. When the mode of transportation is by air, it’s called Airfreight Consolidation and when it’s by sea, it’s called sea groupage of LCL (less than container load) shipping. A shipper could choose any of these modes depending on the volume of the consignment, urgency required and cost. In practice, smaller items that require fast delivery usually get shipped by air consolidation while bulkier consignments get transported by sea groupage. There’s however no hard and fast rule about this – it all depends on the preferences of the shipper. Both ways, the importer could save up to 30% in freight cost. That is good savings from cheap shipping mode. This article, however, focuses on cheap consolidated air shipping. From 1kg- Send and receive small packages in Nigeria. Air freight consolidation offers cheap delivery for individuals, Businesses and E-commerce shipping from USA, CHINA & UK

    The process of cheap consolidated shipping

    For a shipper to enjoy the benefits of consolidated shipping, there’s usually the involvement of a freight forwarder. Valuehandlers International assists importers to consolidate their shipment.

    The packages can either be delivered to our consolidation facility or we can pick up from the manufacturer, supplier. Our consolidation office in the exporting country may repackage the item (with the consent of the importer) to further reduce cost or to protect the item(s) – and sort with related items ready for export. Our international office books the airlifting with the airline and complete all export customs clearing procedures. One of the advantages of this method of shipping is that you do not have to worry about customs in Nigeria, as invoice will cover freight and customs clearing.

    Most air consolidation will typically deliver shipment at Lagos Airport, Nigeria in 5 – 15 days and 2-5 days for express shipping. Click here to use our DHL discount account. For packages and Small Items, we recommend air consolidation shipping. Air consol is fast and cheap method to deliver items to Nigeria from international supplier(s).

    What cheap shipping consolidation service can deliver

    These days, there is no restriction as to what consolidation service can deliver. You can ship items of equipment, machines, Tablets, Telephones, Laptops, and several other goods with consolidation freight service.

    What you Should Know Before Using Consolidation Freight Service

    To enjoy seamless shipping experience, devoid of any argument, user of this service should take note of some of the conditions and factors attached to this method of shipping.

    1. Information and communication: Consignee or user of this service must communicate adequately with the consolidator.

    2. Shipping Instruction: Some items may arrive consolidation facility at different time, and you are expected to say this in your shipping instruction, otherwise cargoes are sent out as received.

    3. Invoicing Policy: IATA policy is clear on Volume and / or chargeable weight of cargo. It says that Chargeable weight Applies to all outbound and inbound shipments, i.e, Actual weight, or dimensional weight (L x W x H) whichever is higher will be invoiced.

    4. Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of Cargo: It takes between 7-10 days to arrange shipments collected from more than one shipper; this factor is among those that usually affect cargo shipping time. Most consolidated shipments will typically arrive at their destination in 10 days, or at most 15 days from the day they are received at the consolidation facility.

    5. Payment term: Valuehandlers offers pay upon cargo arrival in Nigeria. However, there are instances when you may be asked for 70% Pre-paid for Specific shipments, like Electronics, Shoes, Bags, Cosmetics, and cargo with high Volume weights.

    6. Ensure you complete Inbound Cargo alert (A form, to notify consolidator of your cargo movement to an assigned address. This must be done immediately you have your tracking number(s).

    Regular Procedure :


    • Submit your shipping enquiries  / packing list to  customercare@valuehandlers.com or use Quote request form

    • Receive an email detailing; Shipping rate and Procedure.

    • Complete registration using a link attached to an email you receive.

    • You'll be verified and Free Shipping address given to you in an email.

    • Ensure you contact us, to notify us of your cargo movement to our cargo consolidation shipping address we assigned to you.

      Confirm if you require pick up from supplier by sending mail to  customercare@valuehandlers.com or Call Bisola on 08032241768 or Tosin 08182072412


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