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    Stop Paying 8-9% Sales Tax Every Time You Order From USA Merchants

    Updated On: 19 Oct 2020 | 1,635 Views



    Have you procured some items, goods, parcels from any of the USA stores, or you have a package(s) to send from the USA to Nigeria which is not economically advisable for direct shipping? Then you need a consolidation service. Have you tried consolidation service but got stressed along the line? There was a mixed-up somewhere because it’s a hiccup-free service.

    Most often, except in the case of emergency, the Consolidation service is best to recommend for small shipments. It saves you more money and unnecessary protocols.

    Freight consolidation is an act of bringing together/ combining much freight of different sources into one. It is the cheapest means of shipping. It could save one of 80% of what regular courier service will offer.

    This is done by accepting freight of lesser weight from different consigners who might not avoid a regular courier service.

    Though, it could be delay a bit until it is accumulated to the actual weight of shipment (100 kg as required by airline) since it is consolidated goods from different sources. However, the delay is not peculiar to every shipping as there is a flow of shipments to our stores every day.

    We won’t deny the fact that there are some times we face delay due to poor delivery of items to our address in the USA but there are also times it is not our fault but cautions that are not adhered to.

    Valuehandlers understand our partners’ feelings when their freights are delayed. The outburst anger, unfair comments, and poor reception at delivery hence our concerted efforts to bring to the notice things you should know before you consolidate your freight as follows;

    The following precautions are mandated for the timely delivery of consolidated goods, Items, packages from the USA to Nigeria. It is necessary to adhere to these labeled items to avoid unnecessary delay or panic which may colorize our attitude to each other.

    1.    Airline Requirement: First and foremost, be in a notice that there are speculated requirements from the Airline for every shipping, it covers the amount of kg (100kg) minimum, durations and even rate as the case may be. The minimum of 100kg is the Airline requirement for shipping. Until this weight is in place, we may not be able to ship out of USA but to worry, Valuehandlers International has been expanded in terms of coverage and benefits which are enjoyed by those who use Valuehandlers International as the logistics personnel as the procurement of their goods.
    Both our existing and prospective customers at Valuehandlers International enjoy free sales taxes for the items, goods, etc. secured from any of the USA’ Stores

    2. Delivery price / Freight cost: This is another major factors that constitutes necessity for timely delivery of consolidated items. Consolidation service is the cheapest way to import packages from USA to Nigeria: Many subscribers of this service opt for it because the service is relatively cheap compare to courier service or express shipping / direct shipping. They prefer to use this service since it could save them 80% of what regular courier service will offer. While courier service providers, like DHL, will charge N80,000 for less than 5kg (duty not inclusive), our USA consolidation service might charge N15,000 (duty inclusive).

    3. Delivery timeline to Nigeria: The delivery duration for consolidation service usually takes 7 – 15 Days to Nigeria. However, Airline prefers Direct shipments during peak time and this might lead to delay of consolidation shipments during the peak period of which efforts are already on top gear to maintain our duration even at peak period. This is already yielding results.

    4. Improper Label: Just as it was mentioned earlier, delay of consolidated service is not always from us. This is one of the major contributors to shipments delay. Shipments must be properly labeled. Delivery is dependent on the proper labeling of inbound shipment. When consolidator receives shipments that are not properly labeled in the warehouse, is either he rejects it and return it back to supplier, or he keeps it in the facility until report comes from the buyer/consignee, and he’s able to trace the owner.
    Always endeavor to ensure your packages are well packed to avoid shipping delay.

    5. Airline Rejection: We are always available to provide advisory service to our customers out of concern to ensure things are done rightly. Before items are sent to our address, if you are unsure of it acceptability by the Airline, make inquiries. Long before now up to this time, some items, including cosmetics, Battery related items, Liquids, some perfumes MAY be rejected (though not always), as there are instances we deliver these items without any problems.


    As good as consolidation service is, it has it limitation. As a matter of fact, any urgently needed items are not to be consolidated. It is a service that depends on other people's items for shipping until the actual weight is achieved there will not be any shipping.
    Therefore, Packages for events like Marriages, and related events are not advised to subscribe for cargo consolidation at injury time i.e. If there are procured ahead of time with the luxury of space, it can be consolidated but if procured at a deadline just opt for direct shipping. This is to avoid disappointment.

    When you enjoy perfect shipping experience, we feel so fulfilled and that is why we encourage you to take to firmly embrace above precautions; by so doing, there will not be an argument, exchange of words or enraptured with a feeling of disappointment.
    Valuehandlers is made up of a responsive, capable and reliable team that will not trade their credibility and reputation for peanut. You can trust us with any form of your shipment and we will give you the best shipping experience you deserve.

    NOTE: Please, we are no longer using our USA New Jersey address, kindly speak with our customer representative for the new address before sending your packages to our old address.
    Also, you can now enjoy free sales tax when you ship your goods with Valuehandlers International. Who else should enjoy this package if not you? Kindly get your quote today!

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    About the Blogger: Valuehandlers is a professional Freight forwarder specializes in Air & Sea shipping, Customs clearing and cargo delivery from and to Nigeria for Packages, Item, Equipment, Machines, Raw materials, Dangerous goods, Personal effects, trucks and cars, etc. from more than eighty (80) countries.

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