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    Shipping Crude Lanolin / Wool Grease to Nigeria -
    Updated On: 19 Oct 2020 | 954 Views

    Shipping Crude Lanolin / Wool Grease to Nigeria -

    Shipping Crude Lanolin / Wool Grease to Nigeria -

    Shipping Crude Lanolin / Wool Grease to Nigeria - International Suppliers, Import Process, Customs HS code and Duty Rate. 

    Lanolin is also called wool wax or wool grease. The wax is secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. A major amount of lanolin is produced from sheep-breed farming, which is specifically raised for the extraction of wool. Wool grease, also called crude lanolin, is extracted from sheep wool. The obtained wool grease, upon washing and continuous centrifugation, is converted to a wax-like substance called lanolin.


    Below are lists of suppliers of crude lanolin and countries where crude lanolin / Wool Grease can be imported / shipped into Nigeria;

    Suppliers Vendors  

    1. Lanotec - Australia

    2. The Lubrizol Corporation - México

    3. Nippon Fine Chemical - Japan 

    4. NK Ingredients - Singapore

    5. Wellman Advanced Materials - USA

    More Suppliers

    1. Croda International - Globally

    2. Gustav Heess - Germany

    3. Zhejiang Garden Biochemical High-Tech - China

    4. Imperial-Oel-Import Handelsgesellschaft - Germany

    5. Industria Qumica del Centro - México

    6. Lanco - Texas, USA

    7. Nanjing Duoyuan Biochemistry - China

    8. Suru Chemicals - India

    9. Tallow Products 

    10. Yixin Chemical Co. - Shanghai, China

    Buy Bulk Lanolin (Anhydrous USP) Online - Make Your Own

    Crude lanolin / Wool Grease Clearing in Nigeria- Customs HS code and Duty  

    Nigeria Customs Tariff Heading for crude lanolin / Wool Grease: 15.05 

    Nigeria Customs HS code for crude lanolin / Wool Grease: 1505.00.00.00

    Commodity Description: Wool grease and fatty substances derived therefrom (including


    Import Duty for crude lanolin / Wool Grease: 5% ID

    VAT on crude lanolin / Wool Grease: 7.5% V

     Importing to Nigeria starts with Form M openning- Check 5 Simple Simplest Way to Open Form M when shipping to Nigeria.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: All imports into the Nigeria shall be accompanied by the following documents: 

    a. Certificate of Origin (CoO), where applicable containing the following information-

    1.  e-Form ‘M’ No, 

    2. Adequate description of goods, 

    3. Port of destination (The actual port shall be specified e.g. Tin-Can), 

    4. Shipment identification, 

    5. Date of shipment, 

    6. Country of Origin, 

    7. Country of Supply. 

    b. Final/Commercial Invoice.

    c. Packing List. 

    d. Shipped/Clean on Board Bill of Lading/Airway Bill/Railway Bill/Road, Waybill. 

    e. Product Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate or Chemical Analysis Report, which shall state standards, where applicable. 

    f. Laboratory test certificates for chemicals, foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, electrical appliances and other regulated products, where applicable.


    Useful Links:


    Source: NCS, Research and Markets

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