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    Groupage (LCL) Shipping from China- Container Sharing to Nigeria
    Updated On: 15 Jan 2021 | 1,885 Views

    Groupage (LCL) Shipping from China- Container Sharing to Nigeria


    Consider sharing a container to ship your goods from China to Nigeria if your goods would not require a Full container load. Nigerian importers are using VHI groupage / LCL shipping to reduce cost of sea transportation. 

    Groupage otherwise known as LCL simply means an act of bringing together multiple shipments from different owners into a single container.

    Groupage is economically wise and suitable for the entrepreneur or ecommerce merchant who are into mini-importation and exportation to safe more money and build their businesses.

    How it Works

    a.      Create shipment- After agreement have been reached between you and your supplier in China, you will then provide your cargo information, as bulleted in below checklist.

    b.      Your supplier / manufacturer will deliver your goods to our facility or we arrange pick up from your supplier.

    c.      Cargo arrives our china facility, and we will reweigh / measure dimensions to give you total Cubic meter (CBM), which will be your billing weight.

    d.      We then apportion a space for your goods in a container- container sharing.

    e.      We process all China export document (we may ask your supplier to provide some as may be required by China law).

    f.       We ship out the container to Nigeria Apapa / Tincan, for arrival within 55-75 days (Pandemic delivery timeline). We typically deliver groupage shipping from China 45-60 days before Covid 19.

    g.      When groupage container arrives Nigeria seaport, we then proceed to customs documentation and clear the goods.

    h.      Billing / Invoicing: VHI Groupage shipping from China currently covers Freight and customs clearing in Nigeria, except in rear cases when customs queried shipments that are not correctly declared. If such situation arises, the consignee of such shipment will be asked to settle the discrepancies in declaration.

    Checklist - Groupage LCL Shipping

    Find the listed as required Information to use Groupage shipping to Nigeria from China:

    ·        Cargo Description / nature of goods,

    ·        Supplier / manufacturer's details,

    ·        Cargo Weight in CBM,

    ·        Packaging Type,

    ·        Number of Packages,

    ·        Dimensions of each Package,

    ·        Cargo city / country of Origin,

    ·        Consignee details (individual / company name and address),

    Cost of shipping by Groupage LCL  

    The cost of China groupage shipping is between $300 per 1 CBM - $450 per CBM, depending on volume you are transporting. VHI groupage from China covers cost of transporting goods to Nigeria and customs clearance.

    Groupage Transit Time

    Groupage shipping to Nigeria will typically deliver from China in;

    45-60 days before Covid 19.

    55-75 days (Pandemic delivery timeline).


    About the Blogger: Valuehandlers is a Supply Chain Management Company, Specializes in Air & Sea Freight Shipping, Customs clearing & cargo Servicing.



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