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    Benefits of an Efficient Freight Forwarder and Customs Clearing Agent
    Updated On: 01 Mar 2023 | 524 Views

    Benefits of an Efficient Freight Forwarder and Customs Clearing Agent

    As an importer, you would always want to use a freight forwarder and clearing agent that will add value to your business. Truth be told, only freight and clearing agents with this intention in mind in every transaction you have with them is worthy of an importer’s business.

    In this article, I explore how an efficient freight forwarding and clearing agent such as Valuehandlers International will add real value to your business through uncommon freight forwarding services and seamless customs clearance at Nigerian ports; when you’re importing, and foreign destination ports; when you’re exporting.

    So, what are the uncommon benefits? I have established 7 of such uncommon benefits which I believe will greatly add value to any business involved in importing or exporting.

    1. Knowledge and Experience 

    Number one is knowledge and experience. Being active and responsible actor in logistics industry for over 10 years isn’t really the main catch. The unusual advantage with Valuehandlers is the culture of deliberate and consistent accumulation of knowledge on how to do things better for the benefit of the client. While intentionally thinking and seeking better knowledge on how to save the customer delivery time and cost would appear uncommon in the industry as of today, Valuehandlers is never afraid to even pass this knowledge to the importer or exporter so that they can learn from the experiences as well.

    Over 39 years cumulative freight forwarding and clearing staff experience helps, diversity in knowledge and uniformity in dedication to service even help further. Furthermore, multi-sectorial supply chain involvement over the past 10 years gives a breath of experience which helps the next assignment. 

    2. Transparency and Accountability

    Shipping to Nigeria from other countries and vice versa and delivering the goods safely, timely and at minimal cost is not usually an easy task because when goods travel kilometres from one country to another, the tendency that something could go wrong increases. This calls for transparency and accountability. 

    From the moment Valuehandlers have the first contact with a lead, to the point the transaction is consummated and value is exchanged, the company is organized to effectively communicate in a transparent form and take ownership of the process. These qualities of accountability and transparency – which have been widely acknowledged by customers who experience them – are aimed at giving an importer or exporter a peace of mind while their shipments are being freighted and cleared. For instance, the importer/exporter is given verifiable real-time updates via emails, WhatsApp messages and direct telephone conversations on the status of their shipments. 

    In Valuehandlers’ world, transparent communication and accountability rate high.

    3. Global Partnerships

    Global partnerships tell a lot about how a freight forwarder is connected in countries to be able to assist his/her customers either directly or indirectly from those locations.

    Valuehandlers’ Vision is “to build the most respected logistics business out of Africa, globally recognized and trusted”. In doing this, they have global networks of relationships in 48 countries and in all continents across the world. This gives the advantage of being able to satisfy the freight forwarding requirements of their customers in multiple locations as the case may be. They are able to deliver end-to-end service both in imports and exports.

    Establishing these relationships involved rigorous assessments by these credible partners in multiple locations of the world, and Valuehandlers have been found to have established its business freight forwarding and clearing as a capable and responsive partner.

    4. Perfect Documentation

    To ship goods to Nigeria and from another country, say ship from UK, US or China to Nigeria involves meeting standards and regulations that differ from one country to another. Valuehandlers’ knowledge of export requirements from many countries around the world, diverse partnerships across several countries and perfect knowledge of Nigeria’s import regulatory standards positions them as freight forwarders of immense value.  

    For importers, shipping from another country to Nigeria can become a mess if there are disparities in documentation both at origin and destination as imperfect documentation is a major common cause for long delays, fines, goods being held at port. This is same for exports from Nigeria to another country.

    Valuehandlers from the very onset has assisted importers and exporters to manage their documentation, ensuring that your documents are perfected and that cargo is delivered appropriately. With qualified, experienced, and dedicated forwarding and clearing staff who are familiar with specific regulations for each country, industry and product, importers and exporters are always in safer hands.

    5. Use and Application of Technology

    To thrive and deliver efficient services in today’s world, a service business – not just in supply chain – but in all sectors, must embrace the use and application of technology in its processes. Valuehandlers set out as a technology-driven business over ten years ago, and has remained such always improving its business processes through technology. 

    Tracking, tracing, freight advice and predictions, information updates and customer relationship management are some of the benefit areas enjoyed with the freight forwarder. Hence, answers are swiftly provided to questions such as ‘where are my goods’, ‘how long will it take for my goods to arrive’, ‘how much will it cost” and “when do I take delivery”.

    6. Cost Reduction, Timely Arrival, Safe Delivery

    An efficient freight forwarder is a partner in progress. They’re not just interested in getting your shipment delivered, they are truly concerned about how quickly it is done, at what cost and in what condition. 

    As with any other industry, economies of scale play an important role in freight rate reduction. Through their global partners across the world, efficient freight forwarders are able to offer better freight rates to their customers - importers and exporters. They may also able to secure better than average sales conditions with suppliers abroad. With such, customers are more able to have general and specific cost reductions, timely arrival and safe delivery of their shipments.

    7. Flexibility and Dynamism

    Logistics industry could have many complexities due to the fast-paced nature of the industry. When things become complicated, an efficient freight forwarder, using knowledge, experience and networks can guide the importer/exporter in the right direction and assist to resolve whatever challenges are at hand.

    This dynamism which has become a mark for forwarders like Valuehandlers International usually separates the men from the boys in the industry.

    In summary, the duty of a freight forwarder today is far broader than scheduling freight, it involves deep knowledge, the right connection, dynamism, and empathy. 

    Should you require free consultation or a top-notch efficient freight forwarding and/or customs clearing services, contact here.

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