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    Updated On: 19 Oct 2020 | 1,702 Views



    If you are a business owner, pharmacists, Food supply chain merchant, anywhere in Nigeria, you must have realized that there is a need for diversifying our approach to reaching out to our customers as lockdown has perpetually affected the business and fundamentally change business.

    Every smart enterprise and proactive business owner is now sourcing for a pragmatic means to stay in business and to generate more customers even in the looming lockdown.


    On our side, we are continually thinking of the best way to be with you throughout this period when everything standstill.

    Our team has been radically thinking on how to keep our clients in operation even in this period of lockdown that has factually crippled freedom of movement as a precautionary measure against the pandemic disease.

    COVID _19 is considered the worse enemy of the majority simply because people and businesses are at the receiving ends. Within this short period of time, many people’s means of livelihood have been shut down, scattered and some are completely dashed because they cannot go to work, some have lost their work permanently, while others are swimming in a river of drastically reduced income.

    There are several undeniable sceneries to this sudden pandemic that handcuff free movement globally. Nigeria as a worse country in term of self – reliance has rendered her citizenry helpless as a little percent of the citizen can afford daily bread in this period

    Valuehandlers International realizes how tough, it is to transact business in this period most especially the Pharmacist stores and food supply chain business whose service is desperately needed to survive this time cum our alliance to be with you through the tick and soft time we have further empowered our LTL Service with more commitment to give you best service delivery as succor to prevent the looming colossal lost.

    Valuehandlers International is a responsible freight forward and we will not by any means constitute a nuisance or disobey the law of the land that is why we are limiting our LTL Service to only permissible items such as medical materials, food items, and other relevant goods in accordance with COVID 19 regulations.

    We love to see you happy and safe at all times, that’s why we’ve gone extra miles to get you covered in this season with the under-listed services.

    •    Courier Rider: Our professional riders on the ground to help you transport your items anywhere within Lagos.

    •    Bus Driver: If your packages are more than the capacity of rider, we’ve buses on standby to take your order with our skillful and reliable drivers to transport your package to anywhere within Lagos and across boarders

    •    Truck: This is another good news for you, for your full truck packages, we are also here to serve you. With Valuehandlers International, the size of your shipment is not a barrier, we are set, capable and responsive to help you forward your freight to anywhere within Nigeria in this time

    •    Free warehousing: in our magnanimous, Our warehouses are open to stock your shipment for you anywhere in the world till the airline services will be open to shipping in.

    •    Free Shipping Advisory: For all your shipping inquiries, our responsive customer care representatives are also ready to treat your request warmly and lead you accordingly.

    But truly, when there is no alternative, we stick to available cautions, kindly let us stay alone to stand united, any careless mingling and infectious will not be forgiven even by the closest neighbors, therefore, let us maintain social distancing and be faithful to all precautionary measure of this time.

    What does not kills one, makes one stronger. It is our joy to see you sustain your business in a time like this but it will be our greatest joy to see you in business after this time. Cheers, and stay safe.

    12, Joseph Odunlami Street, Off Thomas Salako Street, Ogba Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos