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    Candles in Nigeria - Shipping & Customs clearing of Candle in Nigeria
    Updated On: 19 Oct 2020 | 668 Views

    Candles in Nigeria - Shipping & Customs clearing of Candle in Nigeria

    Candles in Nigeria - Shipping & Customs clearing of Candle in Nigeria

    Shipping of Candle - Ship Candle to Nigeria- Import Processes, Customs HS Code and Duty Rate

    This material presents you with important information you would need when shipping to Nigeria or importing such items under Nigeria customs Tariff heading34.06 as, Candles, tapers and the like

    Overseas Sourcing: Importation of Candles, can be done in any of the listed countries; 

    • China, 

    • Poland, 

    • United States, 

    • Vietnam, 

    • Netherlands, 

    • Germany

    • Canada, 

    • Belgium- Luxembourg, 

    • United Kingdom, 

    • France, 

    • Italy, 

    • Czech Republic

    • Latvia,

    •  Denmark   


    Commodities Description and goods classification in terms of tariff headings 34.06

    Commodities Description: Candles, tapers and the like

    tariff headings: 34.06

    HS code for Candle: 3406.00.00.00

    Nigeria Customs Import duty for Candle: 20% ID

    Vat: 7.5

    Import Guidelines and Regulations: Nigeria government has saddled a few of her agencies with the responsibilities of ensuring compliance of regulations of importation and Shipping of Candles, tapers and the like in Nigeria. These agencies include those listed below; 

    1.  Step by Step Processes Shipping and customs clearing of Candles, tapers and the like- import guidelines- The first step when shipping Candles into Nigeria is to research requirements for the importation of commodities to be imported. You may want to consider checking a checklist such as;

    1. Export requirements from the exporting country (your forwarder and or supplier can advise on this and or take care of it.

    2. Required Permit for importation of commodity to be  imported into Nigeria ( your Clearing agent can advise on this. You can find requirement for Candle importation into Nigeria in 1 and 2 below;   

    1. Product Certificate and SONCAP documents are mandatory for importation and Customs clearance of SONCAP regulated goods under the import requirements of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Check more on SONCAP Compliance Procedures, SONCAP Administrative Fees, Testing, Accreditation Firms and Offices.

    2. End user certificate / end user permit: Government agencies at the port, including Nigeria Customs may require the importer to show an NSO permit during the process of clearing the Candle. This permit is issued by The National Security Organization (NSO) of Nigeria, Abuja.


    B. Now that you have done your homework, and you now understand import requirements, the next step is to Create Shipment: Here you are concluding with the supplier, and reaching an agreement on the details of the trade transaction. A sale contract is signed between you, the buyer and the seller at this stage. 


    C. Documentation and Supplier Obligations: Upon signing a sale contract, your supplier will transmit / send Proforma Invoice (PFI) and Product Certificate (if regulated by SON) to you in Nigeria. More details on import procedures can be found in Step by Step Processes

     What is NSO? The NSO was given a mandate of coordinating Internal Security, Foreign Intelligence and counterintelligence activities. It was charged with the detection and prevention of any crime against the security of the state, with the protection of classified materials, and with carrying out any other security missions assigned by the president.

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