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    Difference Between Direct Shipping and Consolidation Shipping
    Updated On: 23 Dec 2020 | 3,221 Views

    Difference Between Direct Shipping and Consolidation Shipping

    Valuehandlers offers different air shipping solutions designed to suit the needs of every customer. Direct air shipping and Consolidation service are some of the most common shipping methods used for general goods, packages, household items, parcels, business to business shipping for SMEs and e-commerce businesses.

    Both Direct and Consolidation shipping services are very reliable ways of shipping parcels and items to Nigeria, each with its own peculiarity. Knowing the difference allows you to effectively make the right decision based on the type of good you are importing, your budget and your level of urgency.  

    Direct shipping, as the name implies, is a shipping method that usually requires the immediate movement of packages from the origin to the recipient. It is time bound and usually used for urgent shipping.

    Consolidation shipping is the result of combining multiple packages from different shippers to reach the airline requirements for shipping. It is the best cost effective shipping method for shipping small amounts of goods.

    Unlike in direct shipping where you can move your goods immediately and without delay, in consolidation, there is usually a cut off day to give time for other shippers to consolidate their goods too.


    The differences between the two shipping methods are best explained under the following features to aid your shipping decision:

    • Nature

    • Shipping cost

    • Transit time

    • Users



    Direct Shipping

    Consolidation Shipping


    Individuals can ship their goods without any form of delay.

    Individual shippers bring their packages and items that cannot make up to a full pallet together to enable them to save cost.

    Transit time

    Shipping and clearing usually takes between 2 - 5 days as the service is designed to match short urgency levels.

    Shipping and clearing usually takes between 7 - 15 days from the day that a package arrives at the facility.

    Shipping Cost

    Shorter transit times usually attract higher costs as the shipment is prioritized over others

    It has the cheapest shipping rates. The rates given are inclusive of clearing costs, except in some instances.

    Type of goods

    Engineering equipment, medical equipment, heavy duty equipment, project  cargo, goods of high invoice value, etc.

    Gift items, clothes and garments, shoes, household items, phones, laptops, electronic devices, personal effects and other small items, etc.


    Ideal for engineering firms, procurement firms, medical equipment shipping companies that need their packages and items within a short time.

    It best suits individual, family and friends, small and medium sized enterprises (SME), e-commerce business, etc.


    Saves time on urgent shipments.

    Reduces shipping costs.


    Valuehandlers International Limited is a widely approved freight forwarder, we are facilitating commerce and individual logistics requirements by providing perfect shipping experience including hassle free customs and clearing and reliable local delivery. We have all that you need for your shipping. Where are your shipments? Let’s ship for you. Call 08032241768 or send a mail to info@valuehandlers.com


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