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    Cargo to Nigeria | Send and Receive Air & Sea Freight
    Updated On: 27 Mar 2023 | 1,462 Views

    Cargo to Nigeria | Send and Receive Air & Sea Freight

    Cargo to Nigeria | Send and Receive Air & Sea Freight

    Knowledge and partnership with a professional freight forwarder will help you cargo to Nigeria safely, quickly and at a cheaper rate.

    How Do You Cargo to Nigeria Easily?

    Do you wonder how you can cargo to Nigeria easily? Or you have had some bad experience with shipping your goods to Nigeria in the past? Or you need some improvement in the processes to cargo your goods to Nigeria in terms of saving cost and time? This article will be of great help to you.

    Knowledge of how to easily cargo to Nigeria will support importers to ship to Nigeria quicker and by far more competitive and efficient in operations.

    Major Importers’ Concerns on How to Cargo To Nigeria

    Aside from the main goals of cost, speed and safety, one of the more concerning things to an importer in Nigeria is how to avoid the stress and aches – sometimes or commonly - when they want to cargo their goods to Nigeria.

    This is why the subject of how to easily cargo to Nigeria goods from other countries usually occupies the mind of importers. This subject is so important that importers who are able to cargo to Nigeria easily are by far more competitive and their operations are likely more profitable than others who do not.

    The question is how can shipping to Nigeria and clearing out of the ports be easier and seamless? 

    Valuehandlers International helps importers in many ways to cargo to Nigeria from over 80 countries stress-free and at affordable cost.

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    Nigeria is a major importing country from many parts of the world, and there are many businesses in the country that cargo from China, cargo from Germany, cargo from India and many other parts of the world either intermittently or regularly. Easy shipping of their goods to Nigeria will require that their goods are safely moved from the manufacturer or supplier to the port of loading (in some cases first to the facility of the freight forwarder), and from the port of loading, the goods are transported either by airfreight or sea freight to Nigeria.

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    Depending on the import items, a lot of complexities may be involved due to the nature of the goods, the size, export requirements from the country of origin, transportation mode required and regulatory requirements for that shipment in Nigeria. Yes, the period or season may also be a factor too. 

    The good news however is – your goods can always safely cargo to Nigeria within your budget cost and time requirements, when you use a professional, competent and experienced freight forwarder. The question is how they get it done?

    How Valuehandlers Assist Importers to Cargo to Nigeria

    1. Planning: The first thing we do is to comprehensively plan your shipment with you. As a freight forwarder of repute and wide experience, we carefully analyse the customer’s shipment, identify possible bottlenecks and eliminate them long before the goods are picked for shipment.

    2. Ownership: Nothing surpasses your freight forwarder taking ownership of the process of getting your goods to you in good order, timely and at affordable price. With the strength of reputable partnership network around the world, Valuehandlers is able to coordinate and deliver end-to-end services right from the time you have a sales agreement with your supplier or manufacturer (or sometimes in the process of negotiations), till the goods are delivered to you in Nigeria.

    3. International Trade Advisory (free): We provide free trade advisory to the customer. This will sometimes involve pre-shipment advisory required at both the origin and the destination. We offer the necessary advice or assist (subject to minimal fees) with pre-shipment documentation processes to eliminate all issues that may arise with clearing the goods on time.

    4. Customised Freight Shipping: We tailor our freight cargo to Nigeria services to the peculiar needs of the customer. We work with the customer on their budget using a pricing model that will work for them and their budget.

    5. Integrated Clearing Services: Where we are engaged to do the customs clearing at the Nigeria end, it even makes the customer happier, as we are able to integrate the two services. For example, we can offer discounted delivery cost where both freight and clearing are handled by Valuehandlers.

    6. Free shipping and digital marketing tips (optional): Though optional, some of our customers involved in merchandise have (and do) enjoyed free digital marketing tips from our New Media team as a free added value for shipping with us. These tips have proved to be of immense value to them.

    About the Author: Adetayo George-Adewoye is a freight broker and logistics professional. Adetayo introduced pre-shipment consulting services into the shipping industry in 2012. He has offered high-level consulting services to the medical / pharmaceutical sector, oil and gas multinationals, agricultural sector, Mining, and construction industry, manufacturer, and procurement experts. Adetayo George-Adewoye is an award winner in the field of logistics, a member of the Lagos Chamber of commerce and industry, lions club international and freight net logistics network.

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