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    China Freight Rates Are Dropping
    Updated On: 22 Jul 2021 | 13 Views

    China Freight Rates Are Dropping

    China Freight Rates Are Dropping

    The Covid 19 pandemic which peaked in 2020 brought the world to its knees. Several global economies suffered great economic damages and losses, and various industries were brought to a solid halt. The logistics industry experienced the highest peak in freight rates during the pandemic along with other damages that affected trade across the globe.


    Freight Rates To Nigeria

    According to EPS News, freight rates from Asia to North America dropped by 14% in the last month of Q1 2021 (March), but this was not the case in developing countries like Nigeria. Developing regions with high trade volumes have suffered the greatest impact of the high freight rates through the peak period of the pandemic and afterwards as well.

    Some reasons why freight costs are high in Nigeria include:

    1. Longer Routes: The routes from Asia and other regions that we often import from are long and that means that more ships are required on these routes to import the same amount of goods.

    2. Container Costs: Because of the scarcity of containers, an importer will not only pay for the full cost of a container load but will also pay the cost of holding an empty container.

    3. Lack of Return Cargo: Nigeria, like many other developing countries, are import-dependent, so they import more than they export. This makes it difficult for these containers to find return cargo, thus it is costly to return empty containers on these long routes.


    Valuehandlers China Freight Rates

    In the past couple of months, our clients have complained bitterly about the high cost of cargo freight from China as it was slowing their business processes. We refused to settle for the situation that we were presented within the industry, and have gone all out to find a way to get affordable rates that will favour our customers.


    Better service, cheaper rates! 

    Yes, this is what we are offering! We have slashed our China rates by up to 44% collectively. China air consolidation service has dropped by up to 16% and China groupage rates have dropped by up to 28%


    Old Rates

    New Rates

    China Consolidation



    China groupage 





    What to Know about these freight rates and clearing:

    1. China Groupage Rate: The rate stated above ($480/CBM) is inclusive of freight and clearing. 

    2. China Consolidation Rate: The rate stated above ($6.5/kg) does not include clearing. 

    3. Clearing at the airport: This is N500/kg for general goods. This N500/kg is only applicable for general goods and does not include battery related items, chemicals or any other type of cargo that might be termed as dangerous goods by the Nigeria Customs Service.


    Why Hesitate? Take Action.

    There is no better time to take action but now. Get a quote for all your shipments from China right here. You can also get full details by reading about China sea groupage and China air consolidation on our website.

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    About the Blogger: Valuehandlers is a freight forwarding and logistics company with deep competencies in Air cargo freight, Sea freight, Express parcel, E-commerce logistics, Import and Export documentation, door delivery and pick-up services, Customs clearing and warehousing. 

    12, Joseph Odunlami Street, Off Thomas Salako Street, Ogba Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos