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    What You Need to Know When Shipping Personal Effect to Nigeria
    Updated On: 02 Feb 2021 | 3,506 Views

    What You Need to Know When Shipping Personal Effect to Nigeria

    What You Need to Know When Shipping Personal Effect to Nigeria

    Are you planning to move out of the country to another country to study, work or even for adventure? You have loads you intend to send in advance to your prospective country? Or you are staying aboard and planning to move down some personal belongings to Nigeria? Then you need to read this blog.

    There are so many cogent and salient facts peculiar to this service of freight forwarding one must pay attention to, simply to avoid unnecessary stretch while attempting to send them over to their destination.

    Do you know what personal effects are? It is also known as personal belongings/items in a literal language that constitute privately owned items or properties. It is necessary to note that there are some key points or things that one needs to know when shipping a personal effect into Nigeria.

    Personal effects are clearly configured as a reference to everyday items of personal use, it includes clothes, cosmetics, and items of adornment. It can equally be referred to as privately owned items like clothing and jewelry among others that are usually worn and movable and extends to “purse, briefcase, or laptop computer, household items, such as furniture, amassed clothing, jewelry, etc.”

    Shipping Personal effect is the act of sending personal belongings across the country or internationally. The airline notes that either your carry-on or personal item must fit under the seat in front of you. 

    As a process of sending personal belongings across countries or internationally it is typically a concern to travelers sending their possessions ahead to a destination, they are also traveling to or shipments sent to someone already living abroad by a concerned individual

    Personal effects are goods such as Shoes, Bags, Clothing, cosmetics, packages, and household items.

    It is significant to be informed that there are technicalities involved in the handling of this type of shipment. This is because people/importers of these items misinterpret the word “personal effects”.

    The technicality here is that most people like to refer to personal effect as it is defined in English dictionaries, whereas Personal effects in relation to shipping and customs clearing are interpreted differently (though like dictionary meaning).

    Better Interpretation of Personal effects in relation to Custom Clearing:

    In relation to Customs clearing, it is called UPBD (Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Declared). Check the list of personal and household goods for concessions by Nigerian Customs as available on their website.

    The requirement to clear Personal effects in Nigeria:

    Clearing Personal Effects Shipment does not attract many modalities, in fact, it is exempted from duty payment, provided it meets requirements of the law guiding personal effect importation to the designated country.

    It is quite simple to clear personal effects in Nigeria. The clearing process is not ambiguous in nature. All that is needed is that the importer of personal effects goods must have a valid international travel document and must have stayed in the country where cargo is coming from in the past nine months, and most goods coming as personal effects must be used goods.

    How much duty to pay on personal effects:

    It should be noted that this service does not attract any payment as mentioned above, only for an importer with valid documents as required by customs. Such shipments qualified for a waiver. Meaning you will not pay duty on personal effects.

    Recommended option to send and clear personal effect goods without Valid Travel Document:

    As a token of our advisory service to you, we recommend Consolidation Service for your consideration for small personal effects/items. Valuehandlers International has kindly provided a cheap portfolio catering for small shipping items and it is known as Cargo Consolidation Service

    We recommend this as a considerable perfect solution for those sending goods to small shops in Nigeria, to families, for personal use, and for office use. We have configured this shipping program “cargo consolidation service for UK, USA, China” to help our customers from all our locations to send and clear personal belongings and or personal effects without necessarily having such requirement/travel document as stated above- Get Quote.

    Read more on Consolidation
    Procedure for Air Consolidation

    Do you want to send bags, shoes, computers, books, spare parts, cloth, household goods, items, and packages to Nigeria?

    You can get help with Valuehandlers International  Get Quote now

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    We sincerely look forward to doing business with you.

    About the Blogger:

    Valuehandlers is a Supply Chain Management Company Specializes in Air & Sea Freight Shipping, Customs clearing & cargo Servicing from and to 80 countries.

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    In this day of Coronavirus, we further pledge our utmost commitment to serve you better in logistics. Shall we abandon our responsibility and run away when there is a need to be attended to? Valuehandlers International says NO, for shipping is our life, the reason for our existence, we also hope you appreciate our commitment to this noble course.


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