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    Air Freight Consolidation | Shipping to Nigeria | Save Money Today
    Updated On: 19 Oct 2020 | 1,519 Views

    Air Freight Consolidation | Shipping to Nigeria | Save Money Today

    Air Freight Consolidation | Shipping to Nigeria | Save Money Today

    Air Freight Consolidation shipping to Nigeria is recommended to send small packages, Items, goods, and cargo to Nigeria. Air Consolidation reduces shipping price by 80% and covers freight to Nigeria and customs clearing. 


    Meaning of Consolidation Shipping

    It is the activities of bringing together, items / packages that are for more than one consignee to reduce cost and save money. 


    Who is Qualify to Use this service

    Small Businesses, individuals and companies in Nigeria can use consolidation mode of importing Packages to Nigeria.


    How it Works

    Whether you buy from online merchants or you purchase your commodities directly from Manufacturer, listed below are 7 simple steps to Air freight Consolidation shipping in Nigeria.


    Step 1: Get a freight forwarder who can consolidate from the region you are importing from.

    Step 2: Get a warehouse address, where your supplier will direct your purchase to. This is also known as consolidation facility.

    Step 3: Use the address given to complete your online purchase. and if you are buying directly from a manufacturer, simply link him with your consolidator so they can both arrange or agree on how your supply will be delivered to the warehouse.

    Step 4: As soon as your supplier sends out your goods to your assigned address, you will be provided with a tracking number, which you will send to your forwarder to indicate an inbound shipment to his facility.

    Step 5: When your goods arrives the overseas warehouse, the forwarder will use his checklist to check compliance; cargo safety, packaging method and other important checks.

    Step 6: You will receive confirmation of receipt of your shipment from your forwarder confirming arrival of your goods in his overseas warehouse.

    Step 7: Your goods will be shipped out and you receive them in Nigeria.


    9 Hot Benefits of Air freight Consolidation Shipping

    1. Reduces Cost of shipping goods for small businesses and individuals.

    2. Charges are based on weight and not by customs tariff or customs HS code.

    3. Opportunity to share Airline container / pallet sharing with other shippers / consignees.

    4. No need of paying for freight from cargo origin.

    5. Clearing cost is included in shipping invoice.

    6. Export documentation is not your business, as your consolidator will take care of them.

    7. Eradicates issues relating to Customs or Customs duty.

    8. No need of Form M processing and PAAR.

    9. It offers payment upon cargo arrival in Nigeria.


    Common Challenges in Airfreight consolidation

    Since consolidation requires gathering of goods from different Shippers, it then becomes necessary that shippers wait for few days to allow freight forwarder to collect shipments from other importers in order to meet airline shipping weight requirement.


    Shipping Cost

    Air freight consolidation shipping price is reduced far above 50% compare to when using direct Air pallet shipping. Check here for prices of consolidation shipping from China, USA, and UK.


    Transit time

    We try as much as possible to deliver your shipments to Nigeria within 7-10 days. Our shipping time is fast and consistent.


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